Asian Popular Culture

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Asian Popular Culture

2018 PCA/ACA National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 28-31.

The Asian Popular Culture Section of PCA is accepting paper proposals for the PCA/ACA National Conference. The APC section was founded in 1996 by Prof. John A. Lent, who remains as chair. At a time in PCA’s history when very little attention was paid to non-United States popular culture, let alone that of Asia, the section was started to partly fill that gap. The section’s papers cover the whole swath of popular culture and any country/territory of that vast continent. APC has grown during these more than two decades and usually hosts at least six, four-researcher panels.

Though we more than welcome usual subjects for proposals (TV, film, manga/anime, etc.), we also wholeheartedly encourage less-known aspects of the thousands of topics that constitute popular culture (special events/holidays, architecture, street vendors, vehicles [e.g. the Philippine jeepney, trishaws, decorated trucks, etc.], posters, food and its rituals, and the list can go on and on).

Proposals should closely follow Popular Culture Association guidelines and deadlines. To not do this causes confusion and delays.

Please submit before October 1, 2017, your full name, affiliation, position, paper title, and mailing address to the PCA database and to John A. Lent ( After doing that, submit a 150-word abstract to the PCA database and to me, again by October 1, 2017.

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