Russel B. Nye Award for the Outstanding Article published in the Journal of Popular Culture in a specific year. Russel Nye was one of the founders of the Popular Culture Association. He was University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University and won the Pulitzer Prize (1945) for his biography of George Bancroft. He was the author of numerous books including the The Unembarrassed Muse: The Popular Arts in America, Fettered freedom; civil liberties and the slavery Controversy, 1830-1860, and Midwestern Progressive Politics; A Historical Study of Its Origins and Development, 1870-1950. This award is selected by a panel chosen by the editor of the journal.

William E. Brigman Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Paper presented at the
National Conference in a specific year. Bill Brigman was a strong proponent of popular and American culture, and fostered the continuing growth and development of the field. Among his publications is The Fiber of Democracy: Readings in American Government and Politics (1970).

Direct your applications to: Brigman Award, c/o Gary Hoppenstand, Journal of Popular Culture, Michigan State University, Department of English, 4C Morrill Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824. Please send three hard copies of your paper, as well as an electronic copy on CD and photocopy of your student identification card. Those concerned for their privacy may obscure the Social Security number should it appear on the card. Papers should address popular culture and/or be accepted for a PCA panel Submissions must be received by January 7th of the year the conference is held. The winning paper must be presented at the upcoming PCA/ACA meeting in the year that you apply. Should the winning paper not be presented in person, the award will be forfeited. We also invite the winning author to submit the essay to the Journal of Popular Culture and work with the editor toward its publication.  This award is selected by a panel chosen by the editor of the journal. The winner receives a certificate and $500.