William M. Jones Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Paper presented at the National Conference in a specific year. William M. Jones was former editor of The Journal of American Culture and an enthusiastic supporter of the study of American culture, especially film and television, politics, the 1950s, and classic cars.

Papers must be submitted by January 7th of the year the conference is held.  Please send three copies of your paper, as well as a disc and photocopy of your student identification card.  Those concerned for their privacy may obscure the Social Security number should it appear on the card.  Papers should address American culture and/or be accepted for an ACA panel.  The winning paper must be presented at the PCA/ACA conference where the award will be presented.  Should the winning paper not be presented in person, the award will be forfeited.  We also invite the winning author to submit the essay to The Journal of American Culture and work with the editor toward its publication. This award is selected by a panel chosen by the editor of the journal.

Please submit your entry to Amy Dudley, Editorial Assistant, William M. Jones Graduate Student Paper Award Selection Committee, The Journal of American Culture, Virginia Wesleyan College, 1584 Wesleyan Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502.

Carl Bode Award for the Outstanding Article published by the Journal of American Culture in a specific year. Carl Bode was professor, author, poet, commentator, and a strong advocate for the Popular Culture Association. He published over thirty books on a variety of subjects including Henry David Thoreau and H. L. Mencken. He also wrote the bicentennial history of Maryland. Bode also served as President of the American Culture Association. This award is selected by a panel chosen by the editor of the journal.