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H-PCAACA is an international electronic discussion group that provides a forum for cultural scholars to discuss issues germane to the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association. Subscription is free and subscribers automatically receive messages in their computer mailboxes. Messages can be saved, discarded, copied, printed out, or relayed to someone else. It is like a newsletter that is free and published daily.

The primary purpose of H-PCAACA is to enable cultural scholars a venue to discuss research interests, teaching methods and the state of cultural studies. H-PCAACA is especially interested in methods of teaching cultural studies to graduate and undergraduate students in diverse settings.

Subscribers write in with questions, comments and reports . H-PCAACA moderators post announcements of conferences, fellowships and jobs. It carries information about new books and solicits scholars for publishing opportunities. Items posted on H-PCAACA are in the public domain, and may be copied, forwarded, re-disseminated, and/or downloaded provided credit is given to the original author.

H-PCAACA is a moderated discussion list. The editors are advised by an international editorial board broadly representative of the state of scholarship. In cases of contentious messages to the list, the editor on duty may consult with the co-editors and the editorial board to reach a decision whether to post, which will be final. H-PCAACA is non-partisan and will refrain from posting calls for political action. Where list members disagree, their messages should focus on the issues and not on persons. In certain cases, the editors may refer a message back to the contributor either to clarify the content or to focus the issue more closely on the perceived interests of the list. The intention of such action is not to censor but to retain the professional and scholarly character of H-PCAACA.


Editorial Staff

Senior List Moderator, J. Brian Wagaman, wagaman@mail.h-net.msu.edu
Moderator, Jeff Charnley, Charnle2@msu.edu
Moderator, Jeff Cain, CainJ@sacredheart.edu


Looking for adventure? Excitement? Wanting to meet new people? Then contact Brian Wagaman about becoming a H-PCAACA discussion list moderator! Graduate students are most welcome!