Following Up With Presenters

Experience shows that Area Chairs who keep in touch with their panelists have better attendance and fewer no-shows. Keeping in touch with your panel members encourages participation, enthusiasm, and readiness from them.

We suggest that you…

1) E-mail your panelists periodically (once a month, perhaps),

► remind them to register, preferably by December 1.

► ask them to double-check their on-line information for accuracy

► urge them to contact you if they find that they cannot attend the conference.

2) Let the ED of Events ( know of any panelists who cannot attend, as soon as you can.

3) Send final reminders (the three above) to your panelists again.

Tips for Panel Moderators

Ideally, panel moderators should get final copies in advance of the meeting.

While we welcome fresh approaches to subjects, we also appreciate serious commitment to scholarship and to presenting at the conference.