Responding to Submissions

To avoid double submissions, scheduling problems, and delays, we recommend the following:

  1. Respond to submissions within two weeks of receiving them;
  2. Notify the submitters that their submissions have been received; (this step is automated by the submission database, but many chairs reach out personally anyway)
  3. Tell them when they may expect a response;
  4. Read the submissions as quickly as possible;
  5. Notify the submitters of acceptance or rejection in a timely fashion (so they may submit to other areas if they desire).



 As in the past, you will be notified via e-mail when a new submission has been received for your area (it will be from and the message heading will be “New presentation submitted.”)  You may wish to make note of the title, author, and e-mail address for your records.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Log in” on the black file menu ribbon at the top of the page. Enter your e-mail address/user name and password.  If necessary, you may need to reset your password as directed.
  1. Hover over “Conference” on the black file menu ribbon at the top of the page and select “Conference Dashboard.”  Lists of numbers of presentations submitted, pendingapproval, and pending notification should appear under your area name heading.
  1. Click on the number in the “Pending Approval” column. A listing of submissions
    requiring your decision should appear.  Click on a presentation title to view the
    abstract and other information.
  1. Click on either “Approve” or “Reject.” This will remove the submission from the“Pending Approval” list and place it in the “Pending Notifications” list.  (Important: notification of your decision has not yet been sent.  You must complete items #6 and #7.
  1. Again hover over “Conference” on the black file menu ribbon at the top of the page an select “Conference Dashboard” to return to the lists of presentations submitted, pending approval, and pending notification.  Click on the number in the “Pending Notifications”column.
  1. Click to place a check mark in the boxes next to the submissions for which you wish to send notifications.  Then click the grey button above marked “Notify Speaker(s) of Approval” (or Rejection, as the case may be.)  Click the grey “Confirm” button.
  1. If you wish at any time to view the summary of submissions to date and their status, you may click on the number in the “Total Submitted” column on the Conference Dashboard opening page.
  1. Click “Log out” on the black file menu ribbon at the top of the page and close your browser.