Midwestern Literature and Culture (Special Topic)

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Call for Papers:

Poetry/Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/

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Midwestern Literature and Creative Writing

Sponsored by the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature

at the

2017 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association


April 12-15, 2017

San Diego, CA

Please send abstract of 250-300 words for paper proposal, whether criticism or creative writing, to Mary Catherine Harper, Defiance College.



Deadline: September 1, 2016

2017 Topic: Mapping the Midwest

At the June conference of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, members attempted to identify the boundaries of the Midwest, not specifically its geographical boundaries but its literary and cultural boundaries. What are the literary and cultural boundaries associated with the idea of the Midwest? What are the constraints, latitudes, values, and attitudes that in the past developed as quintessentially Midwestern literature and writing? Which of these continue to be relevant today? What would a literary or cultural map of the Midwest look like? We welcome both critical and creative language answers to these questions of Mapping the Midwest.