Instructions for the Submission Database

General Instructions

These instructions will help you use the submission database to submit a proposal for the PCA/ACA conference.  For more general information about how the proposal process works, see our page on Proposing a Presentation.

NOTE: You must have an account and be logged in to submit a presentation.  See step 1 below.

  1. Go to and click “Log in” on the left:
    1. If you already have an account: Accounts from previous years are still active, so you can use your existing credentials to log in.  Skip to step 2.0.
    2. Aren’t sure or forgot your password: Click “Request a new password.” Skip to step 1.4.
    3. New User: Click “Create an account.” Create a username. (We suggest first name and last name, as in Jane Doe), then create a password.
    4. Check your email and follow the link in the confirmation email that arrives to activate your account and to bring up the paper submission page.
  2. Submit your paperby clicking “Submit a paper or other presentation for review” on the left.
    1. Title and Area: Enter your paper’s title and select a Subject Area from the drop-down menu.
    2. Add your affiliation: Click on the plus sign beside your name to add the affiliation and contact information as it will appear in the Conference Program.
    3. Add your abstract: Copy and paste your abstract into the space provided. (We suggest adding your name and title to the abstract box, too.)
    4. Save your proposal: Click the save button.
  3. Edit or update your proposal: For a limited time (a few weeks), you may log back in to a mke changes if you need to.  After that, the proposal will be “locked.”
  4. Follow up notifications:
    1. Confirmation: You will receive an immediate email from the database noting that you have submitted a paper.
    2. Acceptance: In the meantime, the Area Chair will have access to your proposal and should notify you that they have accepted or rejected your proposal within two weeks.
    3. Additional Follow Up: If you don’t hear from the Area Chair after two weeks, you can email them to find out their working timeline. After your proposal has been accepted, you should correspond with your Area Chair about additional questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to use the submission database?

We recognize that the change from the custom of submitting to area chairs directly can be a little intimidating, but the electronic system has several advantages for everyone involved.  For presenters, it guarantees that the way you type your name, affiliation, and paper title are exactly how they will appear in the program.  It also insures that no proposals get mislaid through spam filters or other email-related problems.

The system also makes it far easier for Area Chairs to arrange and re-arrange panels, and for the conference staff to set up the program, and get in contact with everyone, which leaves them more time to concentrate on other aspects of the conference.

Q: I cannot use the submission database for physical reasons. How do I submit my proposal?

We strive to make our conference application process accessible to all.  Please use the contact information below to reach out and learn about alternate submission options.

Q: How can I propose a fully-assembled panel?

You should notify your Subject Area Chair first, then each of your panelists should submit their papers individually.  The Area Chair can then assemble your panel in the system.

Q: My presentation is not a paper. How do I propose a roundtable, screening, or other presentation?

Email the Subject Area Chair directly to propose your event.

Q: Can I submit to more than one Area or present more than one paper?

No.  You may only present one paper at the conference, and you should submit it to only one area at a time.  For a detailed discussion of this issue, see our page about Multiple Presentations.

Q: I need additional help beyond these instructions. Can you provide it?

Check out our online tutorial. (Coming soon.)  If this doesn’t solve your problem, refer to the contact info below.


Getting additional help

For questions about what to propose or where to propose it, contact Area Chairs directly.  You can find the appropriate Area Chair on our Subject Area & Chairs page. If you are still stuck or have questions about which area to propose in, contact the VP of Area Chairs, Bruce Drushel at

For technical questions or problems with the site, contact Joe Hancock ( or Brendan Riley (