Panel chairs

This list is organized by Panel (Session) number.  For a schedule organized by time and broken up by day, see our Program page

Session Number Panel/Session Title Session chair Room
1101 Biographies I: Pioneers Susie Skarl (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Audobon
1102 Burning Man: Analyzing the Influences from the Playa to the Big Apple Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans (Independent Scholar) Bacchus
1103 Film I–Cinema of Place: New Orleans, Louisiana, and the U.P. Elizabeth Faucett (University of South Carolina) Balcony J
1105 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies I: Queers on Film Jonathan Lupo (Saint Anselm College) Balcony K
1106 Creating and analyzing the fit body Virginia Cowen (Rutgers University Biomedical and Health Sciences) Balcony L
1108 This Doesn’t Happen on Network TV! Joe Baumann (University of Louisiana-Lafayette ) Balcony M
1109 Philosophical Zeitgeist and culture Mark DiMauro (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) Balcony N
1110 Collecting Gender: Fetters or Liberation? Felicia Hammons (Wichita State University) Beauregard
1112 Asian Popular Culture I ― Japan: Anime, Manga; Korea: Food John A. Lent (International Journal of Comic Art) Bonaparte
1113 “My God, The Fan Stuff!”: Slash Fanfiction Charity Fowler (Virginia Commonwealth University) Galerie 1
1114 Women’s Studies I: Sexuality and Abortion in Crime and Soap Opera Genre TV Christianne Gadd (Lehigh University) Galerie 2
1115 Romance I: Romance Across the Canon (Fairy Tale, Shakespeare, Lit Fic) Erin Young (SUNY Empire State College) Galerie 3
1117 Horror I. Critical Approaches to THE WALKING DEAD Elizabeth Erwin (Lehigh Carbon Community College) Galerie 5
1118 Architects at play Hector LaSala (University of Louisiana) Galerie 6
1119 Disaster and Place Amy Lantinga (Northeastern University) Galvez
1120 Body and Culture I: Bodies in Literature Bess Fox (Marymount University) Iberville
1121 Dystopia, Lunacy, and Horror: Moms Online, on TV, and in Film Lara Lengel (Bowling Green State University) Jackson
1122 African American Hair Haptics: Beyonce, Pimp Curls and Black Self Esteem Bertram Ashe (University Of Richmond) Regent
1124 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design I: Femininity and the Visual Image Alanna McKnight (Ryerson University) Salon B
1125 Film & History I: Narratives of Place James J Ward (Cedar Crest College) Salon C
1126 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) I Transnational Adaptation Michael Fournier (Georgia Gwinnett College) Salon D
1128 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry I – New Orleans, the South, & Beyond: Poetry of Place & Identity Richard Boada (Millsaps College ) Salon F
1130 Food in Popular Culture I: Regionalism and Food Attitudes Alanna Preussner (Truman State University) Salon H
1132 “Where the Discipline Stands: Teaching and Talking about Popular Culture in the Academy Today” Jenn Brandt (High Point Univeristy) Studio 2
1134 Theatre and Drama I: Changes Over Time Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1136 Children’s Literature and Culture I: Holding Out for a Heroine: Female Protagonists in Contemporary YA Novels and Films Stephanie Metz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Studio 6
1137 I: Round Table: Teaching World War II–Engaging the 21st Century Learner with Comics, Games and Critical Thinking Mark Helmsing (University of Wyoming) Studio 7
1139 Breaking Bad Lindsay Clifton (Kent State University) Studio 9
1140 Series Books I Kathleen Chamberlain (Emory & Henry College) Studio 10
1201 Biographies II: Celebrities Camille McCutcheon (University of South Carolina Upstate) Audobon
1202 Classics, Parades, Classrooms, and the Playa: Examining Festivals through Time, Space, and Place Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans (Independent Scholar) Bacchus
1203 Film II–Cinematic Spaces: Landscapes, Paradiso, Inglourious Basterds, & Where the Wild Things Are Nonie May (PhD Candidate and Sessional Tutor, The University of Melbourne ) Balcony J
1205 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies II: Kin, Relationships, and Families (Good and Bad) Michael Johnson Jr. (Washington State University) Balcony K
1206 Sizing up and gazing at the fit self Vince Moore (Tiffin University) Balcony L
1208 Culture Wars Margaret Weitekamp (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum) Balcony M
1209 Philosophy in Film Stephen Savage (Louisiana State University) Balcony N
1210 Female Lives, Voices and Realities: Motherhood Virginia Engholm (Our Lady of the Lake College) Beauregard
1212 Asian Popular Culture II ― Korea: Drama, Podcast, Online Hate Group John A. Lent (International Journal of Comic Art) Bonaparte
1214 Women’s Studies II: Gender and Identity in Contemporary Online and Television Cultures Georgia Googer (Young Harris College ) Galerie 2
1215 Romance II: Dangerous Texts, Censorious Readers Amy Burge (University of Edinburgh) Galerie 3
1216 Music 1: Serving and Preserving Thomas M. Kitts (St. John’s University) Galerie 4
1217 Horror II. (Roundtable) No Sanctuary, Only Sectarianism: THE WALKING DEAD, Seasons 4 & 5 Phil Simpson (Eastern Florida State College) Galerie 5
1218 Architects at work Derham Groves (University of Melbourne) Galerie 6
1219 Disaster Communities Sarah McFarland (Northwestern State University) Galvez
1220 Body and Culture II: Bodies in Art and Video Rebecca Langham (Brigham Young University) Iberville
1221 Fathering, Nurturing, and Masculinity in Film and Fiction Kathryn Pallister (Red Deer College) Jackson
1222 Afro-Atlantic Spiritual Traditions: Statements of Significant Silence in Macumba, Hoodoo and the Black Church Experience Katrina Hazzard-Donald (Rutgers University Camden) Regent
1223 Outlaws, Cyber-Bullies, and Zoo Elephants: 21st Century Villainy and the Law Robert Harker (Lawyer) Salon A
1224 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design II: Fashion Magazines, Tribes, and Empowerment Sara Jablon (Iowa State University) Salon B
1225 Film & History II: Race on Screen: The Early Years Lauren Pilcher (University of Florida) Salon C
1226 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) II TV/Transmediation Adrienne Orr (Red Deer College) Salon D
1227 Comics and Comic Art I–Superheroic Identity as Postsecular and Postmodern Terrence Wandtke (Judson University), Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
1228 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry II – Part of the Process: Collaboration, Erasure, & Hypnosis Elizabeth Bodien (independent / retired) Salon F
1230 Food in Popular Culture II: Food Economies Beverly Taylor (University of North Carolina) Salon H
1231 Cultural Concerns, Representations, and Identity in American Indian Studies Caleb Tankersley (The University of Southern Mississippi) Studio 1
1233 1 – Pippin, Assassins, and Jazz Theater Samuel Goldstein (Daytona State College) Studio 3
1234 Theatre and Drama II: Texts and Pedagogy: “Teaching” Theatre Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1235 Gothic: U.S. Fiction Allison Russell (Xavier University) Studio 5
1236 Children’s Literature and Culture II: The Hunger Games and The Heroes of Olympus Amie Doughty (SUNY Oneonta) Studio 6
1237 II: Round Table: Supporting New Platforms while Maintaining Quality and Ethics–A Look Inside the Classroom Emma Wertz (Kennesaw State University) Studio 7
1238 Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics I: Gender, Sexy Babies, and Swagged-Out Language Ellen Osterhaus (University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire) Studio 8
1239 The Big Bang Theory Antonio Savorelli (Communikitchen, Italy) Studio 9
1240 Series Books II James Keeline (San Diego, California) Studio 10
1301 Biographies III: Storytelling Ashley Brown (The George Washington University) Audobon
1302 SPECIAL SESSION–Operation Manna/Chowhound Revisited: The Flying Grocers and Their Return to Holland Robert McLaughlin (Illinois State University) Bacchus
1303 Film III–Community & Homecoming: It’s a Wonderful Life & O Brother Where Art Thou Natalie Drummund (Buena Vista University) Balcony J
1304 Tourism I Janice Chernekoff (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) Balcony I
1305 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies III: Queers Online Rocco Sulfridge (University of Michigan-Dearborn) Balcony K
1306 The product and process of fitness Virginia Cowen (Rutgers University Biomedical and Health Sciences) Balcony L
1308 Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Philosophy I: Ethics, Religion and Star wars James M. Okapal (Missouri Western State University) Balcony M
1309 Eros/Porn I Jessica Martin (York University) Balcony N
1310 Gender Activism: Subverting Heteronormativity and Transphobia Gordene MacKenzie (Merrimack College) Beauregard
1312 Asian Popular Culture III ― Japan: Manga and Anime Wendy Goldberg (University of Mississippi) Bonaparte
1313 Becoming a Fan, Being a Fan Kathleen Riddell (University of Waterloo) Galerie 1
1314 Women’s Studies III: The Politics of Beauty in Pageants and Online Cultures Laura Pratt (Auburn University) Galerie 2
1315 Romance III: Civic Engagements: Romance Communities, In and Outside the Text Erin Young (SUNY Empire State College) Galerie 3
1316 Music 3: Gender Issues 1 Melinda Mills (Castleton State College) Galerie 4
1317 Horror III. Vampires and Victorian Monsters Brad Duren (Oklahoma Panhandle State University) Galerie 5
1318 Creating images Jennifer Streb (Juniata College) Galerie 6
1319 Disaster Discourse Sarah Reanna Fish (University of Houston) Galvez
1320 Body and Culture III: Tatooed Bodies Stephanie “Stevie” Berberick (Pennsylvania State University ) Iberville
1321 Literary Mothers/Motherhood in Literature Andre Gerard (Patremoir Press) Jackson
1322 Black Culture in Literature, Theater and Television Jane Davis (Tennessee State University, 3500 John A. Merritt Blvd. Nashville TN 37209) Regent
1324 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design III: Fashion History in the 20th Century Alphonso McClendon (Drexel University) Salon B
1325 Material Culture I: Objects in Context Edwin Harvey (U.C., Berkeley) Salon C
1326 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) III On Sherlock Holmes: anything but elementary William Hart (Norfolk State University) Salon D
1327 Comics and Comic Art II–Race, Class, & Disability Terrence Wandtke (Judson University), Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
1328 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry III – A Critical Look: Blaser, Zolf, New York School, & Slam Poetry Matthew Hargis (University of Arkansas) Salon F
1330 Food in Popular Culture III: Food, Race, and Folkways Beverly Taylor (University of North Carolina) Salon H
1331 Indian Education M.K. Rivera (Penn State) Studio 1
1333 2 – Country Musicals, a Colonial Musicals, and Sung-Through Musical Narrative Samuel Goldstein (Daytona State College) Studio 3
1334 Theatre and Drama III: Staging Theatre Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1335 Gothic: British Fiction Hannaford Michael (College of Coastal Georgia) Studio 5
1336 Children’s Literature and Culture III: Musicals, Television, Nonsense, and Conundrums Harry E. Eiss (Brighton, Michigan) Studio 6
1337 III: Images of Teachers in Popular Culture, Past and Present Arleen Echevarria (Universidad de Puerto Rico) Studio 7
1338 Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics II: Language Learning Ellen Heddendorf (Iowa State University) Studio 8
1339 Comedy Heroes Antonio Savorelli (Communikitchen, Italy) Studio 9
1340 Series Books III H. Alan Pickrell (Emeritus, Emory & Henry College) Studio 10
1401 Biographies IV: Women, Gender, and Biographical Fiction Anna Simonson (The Graduate Center, CUNY) Audobon
1402 The Nature of Festivals: The Mixture of Popular Culture, History, and Fantasy Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans (Independent Scholar) Bacchus
1403 Film IV–Sexuality & Gender: Rain, Nymphomaniac, & Before Midnight James Burton (Salisbury University) Balcony J
1404 Tourism II Tina McDermott (Antelope Valley College) Balcony I
1405 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies IV: Re-Visits Shelton Waldrep (University of Southern Maine) Balcony K
1408 Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Philosophy II: Ethics and Technology Darci Doll (Delta College) Balcony M
1409 Eros/Porn II Emily Long (Parsons The New School For Design) Balcony N
1410 Gender and Social Spaces: Creating Safe Places Jacqueline Ellis (New Jersey City University) Beauregard
1412 Asian Popular Culture IV ― China: Advertising, Cartoons, Poetry, Television John A. Lent (International Journal of Comic Art) Bonaparte
1413 Cosplay, Feminism and Consent Jemima Cowderoy (University of Queensland) Galerie 1
1414 Women’s Studies IV: Comic Books, Sexuality, and Empowerment Dianna Baldwin (Michigan State University) Galerie 2
1415 Romance IV: Outlander, Adaptation, and the Art of the Middlebrow Jessica Matthews (George Mason University) Galerie 3
1416 Music 4: Metal Victoria Willis (Georgia State University) Galerie 4
1417 Horror IV. (Roundtable) The New Victorian Monster?: Adaptation and Resurrection in Showtime’s PENNY DREADFUL Charles Hoge (University of Denver) Galerie 5
1418 Disneyland: The happiest place on Earth. Stanley C. Kranc (University of South Florida) Galerie 6
1419 Disaster in TV, Film, and Text I Geneveive Newman (University of Southern California) Galvez
1420 Body and Culture IV: Transformed Bodies Carrie Kancilia (Purdue University) Iberville
1421 Maternal Ambivalence, Invisibility, and Experience Natalie Morning (Ryerson University/York University) Jackson
1422 Black Music in the Cultural Borderland: Race, Raceleness, and Critical Responsivity Halifu Osumare (Unviveristy of California, Davis) Regent
1423 Vehicles and Media Brendan Aucoin (SUNY Cobleskill) Salon A
1424 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design IV: Cultural Dress and Fashion Identity Jessica Strubel (University of North Texas) Salon B
1425 Material Culture II: the Form and Structure of Place Janice Glowski (Otterbein Univerity, Westerville, OH) Salon C
1426 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) IV Playing with the Canon: Frankenstein/Dracula/Jane Eyre Pamela Demory (University of California — Davis) Salon D
1428 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry IV – Where Identities Collide: Poetry of South Korea, Guatemala, & the U.S. Gabriela Ramirez-Chavez (University of California, Santa Cruz) Salon F
1430 Food in Popular Culture IV: Popular Fiction, Film, Television Beverly Taylor (University of North Carolina) Salon H
1431 Revitalizing the Curriculum: Teaching Contemporary American Indian Literature Timothy Petete (University of Central Oklahoma) Studio 1
1433 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers I- Southern Cemeteries Michael Parker (United States Naval Academy) Studio 3
1434 Theatre and Drama IV: It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings: a Performance Piece Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1435 Gothic: Frankenstein Reenergized Cameron Dodworth (Alabama School of Mathematics and Science) Studio 5
1436 Children’s Literature and Culture IV: Disrupting the Norm: Intertextuality in Young Adult Literature Laura Bolf-Beliveau (University of Central Oklahoma) Studio 6
1437 IV: Public Schools, Prison, and Politics: Criticism of Education and the Neoliberal Agenda Melanie Griffin (University of South Florida) Studio 7
1438 Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics III: Prescriptivism, Descriptivism, and Multilingual Contexts James Mitchell (Salve Regina University) Studio 8
1439 Consumerism, Production, and Representation Daniel Dale (University of Cincinnati) Studio 9
1440 Series Books IV James Keeline (San Diego, California) Studio 10
1501 Biographies V: Entertainers Susie Skarl (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Audobon
1502 Theorizing Festivals–Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, & Scarecrows: Oh My! Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans (Independent Scholar) Bacchus
1503 Film V–Women & Gender: Sports Heroines, Zombies, Dreaming & Drowning, and Crimefighters Marilyn Yaquinto (Truman State University) Balcony J
1504 Tourism III William Lenz (Chatham University) Balcony I
1505 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies V: The Aesthetics of Queer Vanessa Lauber (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Balcony K
1506 German L&C I: “Theatre and Film: Brecht on Broadway, Vampiring Berlin and Ecocinema.” Claude Desmarais (University of British Columbia) Balcony L
1508 Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Philosophy III: The Dark Side and Other Corruptions George Dunn (University of Indianapolis) Balcony M
1509 Eros/Porn III Emily Robles (California State University Fullerton) Balcony N
1510 Gender Binaries Beauregard
1512 Asian Popular Culture V ― Japan: Anime Wendy Goldberg (University of Mississippi) Bonaparte
1513 Creating and Maintaining Fan Cultures: Multiple Perspectives Brian Rouleau (Texas A&M University) Galerie 1
1514 Women’s Studies V: Feminism, “Bad Girls,” and the Male Gaze in Contemporary Pop and Country Music Iesha Thompson (West Chester University of PA) Galerie 2
1515 Romance V: Love Between the Covers: the Popular Romance Project Documentary (Special Session) Laurie Kahn (Brandeis University, Women’s Studies Research Center, and Project Director, The Popular Romance Project) Galerie 3
1516 Music 5: Image, Sex, and Love Victoria Willis (Georgia State University) Galerie 4
1517 Horror VII. Ghosts and Other Anomalies Rebecca Janicker (University of Portsmouth) Galerie 5
1518 Fashions and fads Jennifer Moore (Ohio Northern University) Galerie 6
1519 Disaster in TV, Film, and Text II Adam Hebert (North Carolina State University) Galvez
1520 Body and Culture V: Body Image Deya Roy (University of Connecticut) Iberville
1521 Motherhood in German Media, Literature, and Culture Emily Jeremiah (Royal Holloway, University of London) Jackson
1522 Black Women and Popular Culture VaNatta Ford (Ripon College) Regent
1523 Vehicles and Occupants Carla Lesh (Independent Scholar) Salon A
1524 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design VI: Luxury, Value, and Strategic Branding I Heike Jenss (Parsons The New School for Design, New York) Salon B
1525 Material Culture III: Objects in Circulation Jamie Stuart (Bowling Green state University) Salon C
1526 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) V The Tune in the Text: Musical Intertextuality in Fiction, Drama, and Film Geoffrey Stacks (University of Denver) Salon D
1527 Comics and Comics Art III–Transformations of Batman & Superman Terrence Wandtke (Judson University), Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
1528 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry V – New Saints, Male Fashion, Dead Authors, & Board Games: Project-Based Poetry Katie Manning (Azusa Pacific University) Salon F
1530 Food in Popular Culture V: Food and Media Beverly Taylor (University of North Carolina) Salon H
1531 Generation X Elwood Watson (East Tennessee State University) Studio 1
1533 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers II- New England Cemeteries Anne Tait (Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI) Studio 3
1534 Theatre and Drama V: Monologues from the Wilderness: A Performance Piece Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1535 Gothic: Silence, Liminality, and Haunting Kassia Waggoner (Texas Christian University) Studio 5
1536 Children’s Literature and Culture V: Balancing Acts, The Little Red Hen, and Bullying Patrice Oppliger (Boston University) Studio 6
1537 V: The Intersections of Regionalism, Language and Culture Edward Janak (University of Wyoming) Studio 7
1538 Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics IV: Rhetoric, Dialects, and Credibility Lindsay Stefanski (Eastern Michigan University) Studio 8
1539 Enhanced Realities Nettie Brock (University of Missouri) Studio 9
1601 Reporting the War and Media Representations Jonathan Bullinger (Rutgers University) Audobon
1602 Fair Tales I: Fairy Tales before the 20th Century Amanda Caleb (Misericordia University) Bacchus
1603 Film VI–Portrayals of Women Over Four Decades Kristie McKiernan (Wright State University) Balcony J
1604 Tourism IV – Heritage Tourism Caylin Ellowitz (California State University, Fullerton) Balcony I
1605 Gay,Lesbian & Queer Studies VI: Camp Bruce Drushel (Miami University) Balcony K
1606 German L&C II: “Identity: Peter Fox and Afro-Caribbean Culture, the Grimm Brothers and Identity, and Kafka’s ‘Josephine’ and Animal Rights.” Claude Desmarais (University of British Columbia) Balcony L
1608 Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Philosophy IV: Fantastic Ethics and Epistimologies Laura Duncan (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) Balcony M
1609 Eros/Porn IV Ken Muir (Appalachian State University) Balcony N
1612 Asian Popular Culture VI ― Afghanistan Fashion; Malaysia TV; Tibet, India, and Philippine Diasporas John A. Lent (International Journal of Comic Art) Bonaparte
1613 Fan Activism Tanya R. Cochran (Union College) Galerie 1
1614 Women’s Studies VI: Feminism, Girl Culture, and Sisterhood in 20th and 21st Century Television Wendy Burns-Andolino (Grand Valley State University) Galerie 2
1615 Romance VI: Risky Business: Love, Abuse, and Violence Kalauren McMillan (Winthrop University) Galerie 3
1616 Music 6: Mixed Bag Stephen Miller (St. John’s University) Galerie 4
1617 Horror VI. MALEFICENT, BAMBI and the Attraction to Hallowe’en and Horror Jim Iaccino (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology) Galerie 5
1618 Home sweet home Jennifer Streb (Juniata College) Galerie 6
1619 Disaster in TV, Film, and Text III Liane Tanguay (University of Houston-Victoria) Galvez
1620 Body and Culture VI: Body Tropes and Transformations Jennifer Arras (Alabama School of Math and Science) Iberville
1621 New Fatherhood in the Media Liz Podnieks (Ryerson University, Toronto) Jackson
1622 Crafting the Black Image in TV and Film: Zombies, Trafficked Bodies and David Moody (SUNY, Oswego) Regent
1623 Vehicles Themselves Megan Young (University of Kansas) Salon A
1624 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design VII: Fashion in Film, Television and Gaming Alexandra Meyer (Bath Spa University) Salon B
1625 Material Culture IV: Material Subcultures Samantha Viksnins (George Mason University) Salon C
1626 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) VI Adapting/Complicating Fairy tales (and American Dreams) Heidi Bardenhagen (Lamar University) Salon D
1627 Comics and Comic Art IV–Psychological Experience & Theory Ashley Manchester (University of Florida) Salon E
1628 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry VI – Kurt Cobain, Velociraptors, & Noir: Unconventional Poetry in Traditional Forms Mary Sealy (Lipscomb University) Salon F
1630 Food in Popular Culture VI: Food as Cultural Index Roger Adams (Kansas State University) Salon H
1631 Cornucopia of myriad aesthetics in Indian Visual Art and Media Rekha Menon (Professor of Art History – Berklee College of Music ) Studio 1
1633 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers III- Cemetery Disrespect J. Joseph Edgette (Widener University, Chester, PA) Studio 3
1634 Theatre and Drama VI: Professional Wrestling: Spectacle and Performance Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1635 Gothic: Postcolonial Clancy McGilligan (University of Nevada Las Vegas) Studio 5
1636 Children’s Literature and Culture VI: Horror and Fantasy Olivia Bushardt (University of Southern Mississippi) Studio 6
1637 VI: Multimodal, Multidisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Multiple Literatures Paul Crutcher (UALR) Studio 7
1638 Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics VI: Language and Power Brian Hilton (Wiley College) Studio 8
1639 Mad Men Antonio Savorelli (Communikitchen, Italy) Studio 9
1640 Australian and New Zealand Popular Culture I: Gone Girls (Misogyny, ChickLit, and Gone Girl) Glen Thomas (QUT) Studio 10
1801 Gender and Media Studies VI: Gender Issues in The Walking Dead and Defiance Carlen Lavigne (Red Deer College) Audobon
1802 Fairy Tales II: Fairy Tales During and After the 20th Century Linda Holland-Toll (Mount Olive College) Bacchus
1803 Film VII–Women in Science Fiction: Soylent Green, Logan’s Run, Blade Runner, Alien, & Gravity Elsie Walker (Salisbury University) Balcony J
1805 Eastern European Studies I Aleksandra Rozalska (University of Lodz) Balcony K
1809 Philosophy, Music and Video Games Alex Cole (Louisiana State University) Balcony N
1810 HyperGendered Supernatural States and Twilight Robin Roberts (University of Arkansas) Beauregard
1813 Fan Fiction Cathryn Petersen (Independent) Galerie 1
1814 Women’s Studies VII: Female Detectives in Contemporary Crime TV Shows and Film Carney Maley (UMass Boston) Galerie 2
1815 Romance VII: Queer Love, Multiplicity, and the (Cruel) Optimism of the HEA Jonathan Allan (Brandon University) Galerie 3
1817 Horror XIX. (Wednesday Night Screening) Welcome to Our Nightmare: Lucio Fulci’s THE BEYOND Kristopher Woofter (Concordia University, Dawson College) Galerie 5
1820 Body and Culture VII: Body in Historical Movements Jeanne Gillespie (The University of Southern Mississippi) Iberville
1821 Parenting Practices, Philosphies, and Styles in Film, Television, and Guide Books Mimi Choi (York University) Jackson
1822 African-American Culture Potpourri Marcus Woods (Rutgers University) Regent
1825 Film & History III: Race on Screen: Civil Rights and Beyond Novotny Lawrence (Southern Illinois University) Salon C
1826 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) VII Embodying the Bible & Shakespeare Paige Reynolds (University of Central Arkansas) Salon D
1827 Comics and Comic Art V–Alan Moore: Appropriation and Reinterpretation Terrence Wandtke (Judson University) Salon E
1829 Animation Nightly Screening I: “Lilo & Stitch” David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
1831 Indian Cinema/Bollywood Culture and Indianness Rekha Menon (Professor of Art History – Berklee College of Music ) Studio 1
1834 Theatre and Drama VII: Performance Art: Professional Wrestling and Storytelling Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 4
1835 Gothic: Southern Gothic TV Reese Pierce (University of Texas at Dallas) Studio 5
1837 VII: Popular Culture as a Tool of Improving Student Writing (In Product and Process) Debbie Ernie (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) Studio 7
1839 Morality TV James Keller (Eastern Kentucky University) Studio 9
2102 Fairy Tales III: Messages, Symbols, & Backstories in Film Angela Bratton (Georgia Regents University) Bacchus
2103 Film VIII–Trauma in Science Fiction: Source Code, The Edge of Tomorrow, Ender’s Game, and the Return of Kaiju Chelsea Brown (Pacifica Graduate Institute) Balcony J
2104 Folklore Studies: American Horror Story Kathryn Edney (Regis College) Balcony I
2105 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies VII: Identities Gary Drum (Jackson State Community College) Balcony K
2106 Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling I: Historical and Industry Perspectives on the American Soap Opera Melissa Ames (Eastern Illinois University) Balcony L
2108 An Exploration of the Fantastic Juanita Evans (University of Central Oklahoma) Balcony M
2109 Q-Methodology and Pop Culture Tom Robinson (Brigham Young University) Balcony N
2110 Jack London: Life and Works Gina Rossetti (Saint Xavier University) Beauregard
2111 VIII: Popular Culture Improving Pedagogy in Social Studies, K-16 Collin Makamson (The National WWII Museum) Bissonet
2112 Author Meets Critics: The Hyper(in)visible Fat Woman: Weight and Gender Discourse in Contemporary Society by Jeannine Gailey Jeannine Gailey (TCU) Bonaparte
2113 Fan Pilgrimages Maura Grady (Ashland University) Galerie 1
2114 Circuses and Circus Culture I: Inspired Women in Circus Arts Performance and Research Stacey Mascia (North Country Community College) Galerie 2
2115 Women’s Studies VIII: Activism and Gender in Old and New Media Emily Bent (Pace University) Galerie 3
2116 Music 8: Jazz Garth Alper (University of Louisiana, Lafayette) Galerie 4
2117 Horror V. (Roundtable–Thursday Morning) Welcome to Our Nightmare … Hangover: Lucio Fulci’s THE BEYOND Rick McDonald (Utah Valley University) Galerie 5
2118 Hooray for Hollywood Robert Neuman (Florida State University) Galerie 6
2119 World’s Fairs and Expositions 1: New Orleans and St. Louis A’fairing Yvonne Condon (Independent Researcher, St. Louis, Missouri) Galvez
2120 Academics and Collegiate Culture I: Teaching Through TV and the Comics Arlene Caney (Community College of Philadelphia) Iberville
2121 Making the Invisible Visible: Critical Trans Politics and the Dynamics of Oppression Mahala Lettvin (University of Washington Bothell), Stephanie Driessel (University of Washington Bothell), Avery Viehmann (University of Washington Bothell and Highline College) Jackson
2122 Culture Behind the Veil: Obscured Realities of the Black Experience, Contraband Women, Black Models in Japan, Hurston-Dunham and the Naming Process Katrina Hazzard-Donald (Rutgers University Camden) Regent
2123 I. Historical Advertising and Promotion Sammy R. Danna (Loyola University) Salon A
2124 Age of Theodore Roosevelt & Popular Culture Hsuan Tsen (University of Dayton) Salon B
2125 Literary and Popular Representation Carissa Massey (Adrian College) Salon C
2126 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) VIII Rethinking Approaches to Adaptation Glenn Jellenik (University of Central Arkansas) Salon D
2127 Comics and Comic Art VI–Comics and Trauma Studies Terrence Wandtke (Judson University), Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
2128 Children’s Literature and Culture VII: From Sandbox to Pillar: Using Children’s Literature for Adult Education Emily Dial-Driver (Rogers State University) Salon F
2129 (Digital) Video Killed the … Traditional Assignment: How Media Technology Can Make Your Classes More Exciting and Your Students More Versatile Todd Sodano (St. John Fisher College) Salon G
2130 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry VII – Hard to Master: Poetry of Absence & Loss Anne Harding Woodworth (Independent Scholar) Salon H
2131 American Ideals Dennis Rohatyn (University of San Diego) Studio 1
2132 Commodification and Consumption Andreas Koustas (Ryerson University, York University ) Studio 2
2133 Theatre and Drama VIII: Constructing Theatre: Audience and Performance in the 21st Century Kayla Wiggins (Martin Methodist College) Studio 3
2134 American Literature I: 19th-Century Literature Samantha Latham (Utah State University) Studio 4
2135 Comlicated Masculinties: Representations of Men in Contemporary Popular Culture Merry Perry (West Chester) Studio 5
2136 Romance VIII: Imperialism, Transnationalism, and the Politics of Genre Amanda Hobson (Ohio University) Studio 6
2137 Visual Culture: Race, Gender and Sex(uality) Royce W. Smith (Wichita State University) Studio 7
2138 Communication & Digital Culture I: Rituals of Engagement Robert Bitsko (University of Vermont) Studio 8
2139 Bridging the Gaps In Freshman Composition J. Marie Gelso (St. John’s College High School) Studio 9
2140 Film screening — Is the Heroine Truly the Hero of the Film Rekha Menon (Professor of Art History – Berklee College of Music ) Studio 10
2141 Representations of Science Jennifer Trunzo (Georgia Regents University) Carondelet
2202 Fairy Tales IV: Rapunzel, Peter Pan, & Red Riding Hood Karra Shimabukuro (University of New Mexico) Bacchus
2203 Film IX–Science Fiction Dystopias: THX 1138, The Running Man, Blade Runner, The Terminator, & Brazil Susan Meindl (National College) Balcony J
2204 Folklore Studies: Folk Culture, Popular Culture, and Mass Culture Kathryn Edney (Regis College) Balcony I
2205 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies VIII: More Camp Brian Peters (Champlain College) Balcony K
2206 Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling II: Gender and Ethnicity in Television Serials: US and Abroad Barbara Irwin (Cansuis College ) Balcony L
2208 -World’s Fairs and Expositions II: Foreign Participation R. Foley (Monmouth College) Balcony M
2209 Television and Philosophy James Forbes (York University) Balcony N
2210 RADIO 1 Authenticity in Music Records, Radio Drama as Autism Therapy, & Listening to Bees: A Multimedia Presentation Frank Chorba (Washburn University) Beauregard
2211 IX: Pop Intersectionality: Popular Culture, Race, Culture and Legal Status Ludovic Sourdot (Texas Woman’s University) Bissonet
2212 Constructing Fat MaryAnn Kozlowski (University of Kentucky) Bonaparte
2213 Fandom and Race Angela Fazekas (Queen’s University, Gender Studies Department) Galerie 1
2214 Circuses and Circus Culture II: Cultural Narratives and Corporate Initiatives Stacey Mascia (North Country Community College) Galerie 2
2215 Women’s Studies IX: Fashion Cultures and Barbie Culture in National and International Cultures Michelle-Marie Gilkeson (Roosevelt University) Galerie 3
2216 Music 9: Radio, Film, and Theater Scott Henderson (Brock University) Galerie 4
2217 Horror VIII. Studies in the Weird Carl Sederholm (Brigham Young University) Galerie 5
2218 Ways of commemoration Jennifer Moore (Ohio Northern University) Galerie 6
2219 Politics and Disaster II Kristen Chamberlain (Augsburg College) Galvez
2220 Academics and Collegiate Culture II: New, Creative English Methods in the English Classroom Eva Gold (Southeastern Louisiana University) Iberville
2221 Manga Stories: Creating Sexual Identities Sonya Groves (Our Lady of the Lake University) Jackson
2223 II. Foreign Advertising and Promotion Gerard Sherayko (Randolph College) Salon A
2224 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design VIII: Fashion in Literature, Periodicals, and Film Keren Ben-Horin (Independent Scholar ) Salon B
2225 Moonshine Jonathan Goldenberg (Gardner-Webb University) Salon C
2226 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) IX Race/Class/Difference/Genre Cathy Jellenik (Hendrix) Salon D
2227 Comics and Comic Art VII–Continuity & Alternate Histories Dominick Grace (Brescia University College) Salon E
2228 Children’s Literature and Culture VIII: Fables and Stables: Children’s Literature in College Classes Sara Beam (Rogers State University) Salon F
2229 Animation Screening I: Screening Time For “Anime” David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
2230 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry VIII – Autistic Kids, Generation Gaps, Dead Zones, & Thin Air: Poetry of Risk Mary Buchinger Bodwell (MCPHS) Salon H
2231 TV and Gender Amanda McClain (Holy Family University) Studio 1
2232 Creating Community Bridget Whelan (Sowela Technical Community College) Studio 2
2233 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers IV- International Cemeteries Elisabeth Roark (Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA) Studio 3
2234 American Literature II: 19th-Century Literature–Issues of Race and Identity Deborah Shoop (East Carolina University) Studio 4
2235 Cross Cultural approaches to Masculinity Hartmut Heep (Penn State University) Studio 5
2236 Romance IX: Kismet! Turkish Soap Operas and the Global Culture of Popular Romance (Special Session) Eric Selinger (DePaul University) Studio 6
2237 Designing Visual Culture(s) Royce W. Smith (Wichita State University) Studio 7
2238 Communication & Digital Culture II: Agency & Engagement Emily Erickson (Cal State Fullerton) Studio 8
2239 From Course Portfolios to Common Core: Collaboration and Inspiration from Faculty Learning Communities Heather Botsford (Southeastern Louisiana University) Studio 9
2240 Australian and New Zealand Popular Culture II: Crime and Horror Toni Johnson-Woods (POPCAANZ, The University of Queensland) Studio 10
2241 Psychology and Fear Celina Bekins (Olin College of Engineering) Carondelet
2302 Fairy Tales V: New Media Representations of Fairy Tales Robin Gray Nicks (University of Tennessee-Knoxville) Bacchus
2303 Film X–Superheroes: The Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: First Class, & Terrorism Annika Hagley (Roger Williams University) Balcony J
2304 Folklore Studies: Making use of Folklore Kathryn Edney (Regis College) Balcony I
2305 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies IX: Television Michelle Wise (Tennessee State University) Balcony K
2306 Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling III: Serialized Narratives: Form, Function, and the Audience Experience MJ Robinson (St. Joseph’s College-NY) Balcony L
2308 Pedagogy: The Challenges of Using Science Fiction in the Classroom Suanna Davis (Abilene Christian University) Balcony M
2309 I – Theorizing the Genre Pamela Bedore (University of Connecticut) Balcony N
2310 RADIO 2 New Audio Media Theater, Visual Art, Industrial Sublime of Jean Shepherd, & Inclusivity of College Radio Michael Brown (University of Wyoming) Beauregard
2311 X: Using Popular Culture to Cross Disciplines and Improve Pedagogy K-16 Aaron Kerley (University of Cincinnati) Bissonet
2312 Fat Activism Lesleigh Owen (Black Hills State University) Bonaparte
2313 Fandom, Folklore and Orality J Caroline Toy (The Ohio State University) Galerie 1
2314 Circuses and Circus Culture III: Circus and Sideshow: Exploitation or Exaltation Stacey Mascia (North Country Community College) Galerie 2
2315 Women’s Studies X: Representations of Reproduction, Abortion, Birth, and Motherhood Cheryl Hopson (Georgia Regents University) Galerie 3
2316 Music 10: Hip Hop 1 Leslie Similly (University of Central Oklahoma ) Galerie 4
2317 Horror IX. (Roundtable) Weird Pictures: The Role of the Visual Arts in the Development of the Weird Carl Sederholm (Brigham Young University) Galerie 5
2318 Civil War and Reconstruction I: Revising the Republic and Revolution Kristen Anderson (Webster University) Galerie 6
2319 Textuality of Disaster Dwight Tanner (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Galvez
2320 Academics and Collegiate Culture III: Community Partnerships and Learning Spaces Betsy Pike (Capital University) Iberville
2321 Navigating Gender Identities: Proposing New Masculinities Brian Whaley (Utah Valley University) Jackson
2322 Literary Greatness, Inquisitive Images, and Reimagining What we talk about Andrew Sargent (West Chester University) Regent
2323 III. Gender, Sexuality, and Self-Perception Alicia Mason (Pittsburg State University) Salon A
2324 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design IX: Retail and Gender Consumption Stephanie Herold (Parsons the New School for Design) Salon B
2325 Ethnographies Lora Smith (Indiana University – Bloomington) Salon C
2326 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) X Superheroes, Avengers, and Warriors James Gilmore (Indiana University) Salon D
2327 Comics and Comic Art VIII–Race and Stereotype Elena Hristova (University of Minnesota, Communication Studies) Salon E
2328 Children’s Literature and Culture IX: YA Dystopian Literature Sarah Hentges (University of Maine at Augusta) Salon F
2329 Animation I: Anime YUXI ZHOU (Syracuse University) Salon G
2330 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry IX – Minor Poets Turn the Raw World: Poetry of Human Experience Mary Catherine Harper (Defiance College) Salon H
2331 Televised Men Sadaf Ali (Eastern Michigan University) Studio 1
2332 Damsels, Bronies, Tennos, and Toons: Gender Matters in Video Games Edmond Chang (Drew University) Studio 2
2333 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers V- Art in Cemeteries Susan Olsen (The Woodlawn Cemetery) Studio 3
2334 American Literature III: 20th Century Literature — Early Modernism William Nesbitt (Beacon College) Studio 4
2335 Different Theories and Masculinity Dr. James Alan Temple (Saint Mary’s College of California) Studio 5
2336 Romance X: Love Theory, Romance Practice Eric Selinger (DePaul University) Studio 6
2337 Theorizing Visual Culture Royce W. Smith (Wichita State University), Jeffrey Schneider (St. Louis Community College-Meramec ) Studio 7
2338 Communication & Digital Culture III: Engaged Aesthetics Michael Lahey (Southern Polytechnic State University ) Studio 8
2339 Intellectual Trajectories: Multidisciplinary Research to Fulfill Careers and Build Research Agendas Bob Batchelor (Thiel College) Studio 9
2340 Rethinking Political Ideologies in a Media Age Judith P. Roberts (Louisiana Tech University) Studio 10
2368 Reading the Basic Bitch: Gendered Femininity Jackson
2402 Fairy Tales VI: Considering the Feminist Implications of Contemporary Fairy Tale Revisions Laura D’Amore (Roger Williams University) Bacchus
2403 Film XI–Animation: The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, & Frozen Catherine Buckley (Penn State University) Balcony J
2404 Folklore Studies: Music and Ritual Kathryn Edney (Regis College) Balcony I
2405 Divination Innovation 1 Emily E. Auger (Ontario, Canada) Balcony K
2406 Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling IV: Roundtable: Seriality as a Narrative Form Barbara J. Irwin (Canisius College) Balcony L
2408 Star Trek Universe Justin Berardi (Armstrong State University) Balcony M
2409 II – Fiction, Place, Families and Femmes Fatales in Flynn, French and Abbott Rachel Schaffer (Montana State University Billings) Balcony N
2410 RADIO 3 Studies in International, UK, and College Radio Phylis Johnson (Southern Illinois University) Beauregard
2411 XI: From Physics to Playlists: Representations of Students in Popular Culture Andrew Grunzke (Mercer University) Bissonet
2412 Fat Bodies and Identities Amelia Serafine (Loyola University Chicago) Bonaparte
2413 Fans and Producers: Coming Together/ Coming Apart KT Torrey (Virginia Tech) Galerie 1
2415 Women’s Studies XI: Global Feminisms in Activism, Film, and Memoir Colleen Clemens (Kutztown University) Galerie 3
2416 Music 11: Gender Issues 2 Chanel Tanner (Emory University) Galerie 4
2417 Identity and Self-Presentation John Jacobs (Clemson University) Galerie 5
2418 Civil War and Reconstruction II: Women in War and Its Aftermath Jeanne Christie (Western CT State University) Galerie 6
2419 The South Brandon Galm (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) Galvez
2420 Academics and Collegiate Culture IV: Academic and Personal Freedom Scott Stewart (Department of Philosophy Cape Breton University) Iberville
2422 Performance in Theater, Music and Invisible Identities Natalie Graham (Michigan State University) Regent
2423 IV. Ad Campaigns Michael Cornett (Texas State University) Salon A
2424 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design X: Future of Fashion Studies Marilyn Delong (University of Minnesota) Salon B
2425 War and Trauma Sally Parry (Illinois State University) Salon C
2426 World’s Fairs and Expositions III: The 1960s at Fairs Jonathan Lillie (Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland) Salon D
2427 Comics and Comic Art IX–Historical Turning Points 1 Charles Coletta (Bowling Green State University) Salon E
2428 Children’s Literature and Culture X: Video Games and Disney Lindsey Hanlon (Boston College) Salon F
2429 Animation Screening II: Screening Time For “Franchises and Familiar Faces” David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
2430 Poetry Studies & Creative Poetry X – How We Grow: Poetry of Change Cindy King (University of North Texas Dallas) Salon H
2431 Changing Conceptions of Friendship on Contemporary TV Kathy Merlock Jackson (Virginia Wesleyan College) Studio 1
2432 Games, Morality, and Deviancy Melissa Bianchi (University of Florida) Studio 2
2433 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers VI- Morbid Curiosity Richard Sauers (Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, N.J.) Studio 3
2434 American Literature IV: 20th-Century Literature Elizabeth Gardner (University of Georgia ) Studio 4
2435 Masculinity as Sports Games? Paloma Caravantes-Gonzalez (Rutgers University ) Studio 5
2436 Romance XI: Erotic Romance, Erotica, and the Erotics of Vulnerability John Markert (Cumberland Univeristy) Studio 6
2437 Visual Culture and the Moving Image Jeffrey Schneider (St. Louis Community College-Meramec ) Studio 7
2438 Communication & Digital Culture IV: Engaging Narrative Mark Nunes (Appalachian State University) Studio 8
2439 Overcoming small program challenges Amanda McClain (Holy Family University) Studio 9
2440 Thinking International: Campaigns to Mobilize and Villainize Christine Myers (Monmouth College) Studio 10
2501 BRITISH POPULAR CULTURE V. NEIL GAIMAN IN THE 21ST CENTURY: TIME SPACE AND MYTH John Bultena (University of California, Merced) Audobon
2502 Fairy Tales VII: Cinderella, Fashion, and Diversity Robin Gray Nicks (University of Tennessee-Knoxville) Bacchus
2503 Film XII–Maleficent Sabrina Boyer (University of North Carolina Greensboro) Balcony J
2504 Folklore Studies: Women, Children, and Families Kathryn Edney (Regis College) Balcony I
2505 Divination Innovation 2 Emily Auger (Independent Scholar) Balcony K
2506 Body and Culture VIII: Racialized Bodies Shola Adenekan (University of Bayreuth, Germany) Balcony L
2508 Meet and Greet SFF Gillian Leitch (Independent Scholar), Sherry Ginn (Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) Balcony M
2509 III – Conan Doyle and his Legacy Waldron Karen (College of the Atlantic) Balcony N
2510 RADIO 4 Radio Storytelling: The Whistler, Columbia Workshop, Radio Noir & Juvenile Fiction Bob Lochte (Murray State University) Beauregard
2511 XII: It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s SuperEgo! The Impact of Popular Culture on Identity Formation Dustine Thomas (University of Houston) Bissonet
2512 Fat Media 1 Kait LaPorte (University of Washington) Bonaparte
2513 Historicizing Fandom Michael Boynton (Jacksonville State University) Galerie 1
2515 Women’s Studies XII: Goddesses, Archetypes, and the Monstrous in Film and Philosophy Priscilla Kilili (San Jose State University) Galerie 3
2517 Social Media and Identity Performance Christelle Davis (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Galerie 5
2518 Civil War and Reconstruction III: Narrator as Witness Patrick Cesarini (University of South Alabama) Galerie 6
2519 World’s Fairs and Expositions IV: Invention and Discovery Sarah Moore (School of Art, University of Arizona) Galvez
2520 Academics and Collegiate Culture V: Greeks Bearing Gifts: Sorority and Fraternity Culture Andrea Porter (Jacksonville State University) Iberville
2521 Gender and Media Studies I: Changing the Channel-Sexuality, Rape, Race and Body Politics in Game of Thrones, Outlander, Call the Midwife and House of Cards John Erickson (Claremont Graduate University) Jackson
2523 V. Public Relations and Promotions James Lee (University of Southern California) Salon A
2524 Film & History IV: Exploring Cinematic Heroism Cynthia J. Miller (Emerson College) Salon B
2525 War, Music, Representation, and Advertising Kathy German (Miami University) Salon C
2526 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) XII Adapting Identities Mary Ruth Marotte (University of Central Arkansas) Salon D
2527 A Delicate Balance: Myths of Success and Webs of Deceit Tony Osborne (Gonzaga University) Salon E
2528 Children’s Literature and Culture XI: International Children’s Literature and Children’s Literature in Translation Poushali Bhadury (Department of English, University of Florida) Salon F
2529 Animation II: Franchises and Familiar Faces Brian Duchaney (Curry College) Salon G
2532 History is written by the winners: Historical studies of gaming Nancy Foasberg (Queens College – CUNY) Studio 2
2533 Cemeteries and Gravemarkers VII- Respecting the Dead J. Joseph Edgette (Widener University, Chester, PA) Studio 3
2534 American Literature V: Southern Literature Brooke Covington (Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, James Madison University) Studio 4
2535 Men Must be Soldiers: Traditional Masculinities as War Hartmut Heep (Penn State University) Studio 5
2536 Romance XII: Libraries, Classrooms, Communities Eric Selinger (DePaul University) Studio 6
2537 Visual Culture and the Photograph(ic) Jeffrey Schneider (St. Louis Community College-Meramec ) Studio 7
2538 Communication & Digital Culture V: Engaged Praxis Ted Gournelos (Rollins College) Studio 8
2539 Women in War and After War Renate Prescott (Kent State University at Geauga) Studio 9
2540 Communities and Continuities Stephen Hageman (William Woods University) Studio 10
2601 Between Good and Evil: The New Altruism and the Healing Power of Capital Jane Rago (Armstrong State University) Audobon
2602 Fairy Tales VIII: Once Upon A Time & Disney Princesses Priscilla Hobbs (Pacifica Graduate Institute) Bacchus
2603 Film XIII–Documentaries: Titicut Follies, Michael Moore, First-Person, & The Great Flood Phillip Gentile (University of Southern Mississippi) Balcony J
2604 Communication & Digital Culture VI: The Engagement is the Message Randy Nichols (Limestone College) Balcony I
2605 Literacy, Chaos, and Meaning: Demystifying the Tarot Reading Process Nicole Parker (Universtiy of Tennessee Chattanooga) Balcony K
2606 Body and Culture IX: Feeling Monstrous the Body as Production of Affective Monstrosities Michele White (Tulane University) Balcony L
2608 Publishing Science Fiction Fantasy Donald Palumbo (McFarland Publishers) Balcony M
2609 IV – Sidekicks Phyllis Betz (LaSalle University) Balcony N
2610 Looking Beneath the Surface of Popular History Jennifer L. Stevens (Roger Williams University) Beauregard
2611 XIII: Round Table: The Experiment at Middlebury High: Using Case Study and Survey to Explore the Concept of Empowerment vs. Entitlement. Jeffrey Byford (University of Memphis) Bissonet
2612 Fat Media 2 Michaela Nowell (UW-Fond du Lac) Bonaparte
2613 Music, Musicians Caroline Bayne (University of South Carolina ) Galerie 1
2614 Children’s Humor, Grown-up Humor, and DON’T GO THERE!! Lori Wilson Snaith (University of West Georgia) Galerie 2
2615 Women’s Studies XIII: Feminism, Birth Control, and Domesticity in Contemporary Consumer Culture Sara Guthrie (Lock Haven University) Galerie 3
2616 Music 13: War Marie Plasse (Merrimack College) Galerie 4
2617 Horror X. Dirty Pictures: Horror, Gore, and the (Psycho)Sexual Will Dodson (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Galerie 5
2618 Civil War and Reconstruction IV: Race and Gender in Civil War Fiction Nadine Knight (College of the Holy Cross) Galerie 6
2619 Between Subject and Object: Film, Writing and Psychoanalysis. Eric Greene (Private Practice) Galvez
2620 Gender and Medievalism Lorraine Stock (University of Houston) Iberville
2621 Gender and Media Studies II: Gender Issues in Golf and Politics Joseph Vogel (University of Rochester) Jackson
2622 Representations, Cultural Identity and Memory Carol Bunch Davis (Texas A&M University, Galveston) Regent
2623 Travel I Jillian Norris (University of Oregon) Salon A
2624 Film & History V: Emerging Scholars Panel: History, Masculinity, Intertextuality, and the Fantastic Moorea Coker (Lamar University ) Salon B
2625 World War I & II in Fiction and Drama Robert McLaughlin (Illinois State University) Salon C
2626 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) XIII Going … Going … Gone Girl Matthew Germenis (The University of Southern Mississippi) Salon D
2627 Comics and Comic Art X–Superheroes and Gender 1 Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
2628 Children’s Literature and Culture XII: Harry Potter Tracy Bealer (Borough of Manhattan Community College) Salon F
2629 Animation Screening III: Screening Time For “Saturday Mornings and Beyond” David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
2630 Happy Valley Joseph Price (Whittier College) Salon H
2631 Popular American Authors I Christina Vick (Louisiana State University Eunice) Studio 1
2632 Ideologies at Play Jason LaTouche (Tarleton State University) Studio 2
2633 Postfeminist, Empowered, and “Bad” Mothers and Daughters on TV and in Video Games Brenda Boudreau (McKendree University) Studio 3
2634 American Literature VI: 20th-Century Literature–F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Heather Salter Dromm (Northwestern State University of Louisiana) Studio 4
2635 Multiple Masculinities Jessica Derleth (Binghamton University ) Studio 5
2636 Romance XIII: The Romance of Work? Books, Sex, Magic, and the Academic Heroine Eric Selinger (DePaul University) Studio 6
2637 Visual Culture Potpourri Jeffrey Schneider (St. Louis Community College-Meramec ) Studio 7
2638 Science and Fiction Rhona Trauvitch (Florida International University) Studio 8
2640 Connections and Circuits Jane Kuenz (University of Southern Maine) Studio 10
2702 Special Session: Grimm Behind the Scenes Amanda Boyd (University of North Dakota) Bacchus
2703 Film XIV–Comedy: Mrs. Doubtfire, Noah Baumbach, Fantastic Romance, & Mars Nicki Michalski (Lamar University) Balcony J
2705 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies X: Literature Angel Matos (University of Notre Dame) Balcony K
2708 Whedonverse Sherry Ginn (Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) Balcony M
2709 V – Noir and Hard-boiled Balcony N
2710 Negotiating Identity in the World of Popular History Jennifer L. Stevens (Roger Williams University) Beauregard
2711 XIV: Round Table: Student Empathy and Decision-Making: A Survey of Social Studies Students’ Perceptions of Value Dilemmas Sean Lennon (Valdosta State University) Bissonet
2712 Field of Fat Studies Laura Jennings (University of South Carolina Upstate ) Bonaparte
2713 My Space: The Proliferation of Fan Culture and Internet Spaces Amandine Faucheux (Louisiana State University) Galerie 1
2714 Comedy and the Tumultuous 20th Century Matthew Turner (Radford University) Galerie 2
2715 Women’s Studies XIV: Sexuality and Sexual Violence in American Horror Story, Dexter, and Law and Order: SVU Molly Magestro (UW-Washington County) Galerie 3
2716 Music 14: New Orleans James Von Schilling (Northampton Community College) Galerie 4
2717 Horror XI. (Roundtable) Contested Footage: Snuff, Disease, the Avant-Garde and the Archive Kristopher Woofter (Concordia University, Dawson College) Galerie 5
2719 Mental Illness (Mis)represented: Four Critiques. Eric Greene (Private Practice) Galvez
2720 Medieval Bodies Diana Vecchio (Widener University) Iberville
2721 Gender and Media Studies III: Masculine Issues in the Media Taylor Joy Mitchell (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) Jackson
2722 Literature and Madness I Russ Pottle (Misericordia University) Regent
2723 Travel II Michael Wedekind (University of Vienna) Salon A
2724 Film & History VI: Noir Impulses John Kaiser Ortiz (Millersville University) Salon B
2725 Virtual Identities In the Classroom and Beyond Melanie Hanslik (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) Salon C
2726 Where are we going? Directions for publishing in the field of adaptation studies Barton Palmer (Clemson) Salon D
2727 Comics and Comic Art XI–Horror and the Monstrous M. Thomas Inge (Randolph-Macon College) Salon E
2728 Children’s Literature and Culture XIII: Contemporary Issues: Awards, Race, Gender, and Culture Breanna McDaniel (Independent Scholar) Salon F
2729 Animation III: Saturday Mornings and Beyond David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
2731 Popular American Authors II Christina Vick (Louisiana State University Eunice) Studio 1
2732 In and Out of the Classroom: Cognition and Literacies in Game Studies Josh Call (Grand View University) Studio 2
2733 Representations of Maternal and Paternal Truths, Myths, and Stereotypes Walter Lai (Ryerson University) Studio 3
2734 Protest Issues and Actions I Lotte Larsen (Western Oregon University) Studio 4
2735 Questioning Masculinity and Gender Joshua Wille (University of Kansas – Dept. of Film & Media Studies) Studio 5
2737 Visual Culture, Art and its Histories Royce W. Smith (Wichita State University) Studio 7
2738 Science and Film Lucy Wilcox (Olin College of Engineering) Studio 8
2740 Dynamics of Displacement Andrew Strombeck (Wright State University) Studio 10
2803 Film XV–Noir: Scars, Masks, & Snow Tamas Nagypal (York University) Balcony J
2805 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XI: Roundtable on LGBTQ People and Social Media Michael Johnson Jr. (Washington State University) Balcony K
2808 Another Look at Some Classic SFF Films Michelle Smith (Queen’s University) Balcony M
2809 VI – Identity and Place Marilyn Rye (Fairleigh Dickinson University) Balcony N
2811 XV: All Students are Students with Special Needs: Using Popular Culture to Address Inclusion Conan Kmiecik (UW River Falls) Bissonet
2812 Systemic Sizeism Mary Stein (University of Akron) Bonaparte
2813 Playing With Fandoms; Crafting Fanbases Victoria Godwin (Prairie View A&M University) Galerie 1
2814 Comedy, Culture, and Commerce Peter Seely (Benedictine University) Galerie 2
2815 Women’s Studies XV: Gender, Race, and Motherhood in The Girlfriend Intervention, Mad Men, and Sherlock Holmes Anna Cohen-Miller (Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy) Galerie 3
2816 Music 15: Vintage Lawrence Pitilli (st. john’s university) Galerie 4
2817 Horror XII. Queer Horror Eric Browning (Bowling Green State University) Galerie 5
2819 Sanity & Madness: The Boundary Blurred. Eric Greene (Private Practice) Galvez
2821 Gender and Media Studies IV: Gender Issues in Film and Popular Culture Katheryn Wright (Champlain College) Jackson
2822 Literature and Madness II Russ Pottle (Misericordia University) Regent
2823 Travel III Barbara Zang (Worcester State University) Salon A
2824 Film & History VII: Heard on Screen Anastasia Kozak (University of Florida) Salon B
2825 Visual Identity and Branding Kelly DeBono (York University ) Salon C
2826 10 years after Hurricane Katrina: Discussing the storm’s textual and cultural legacy Mary Ruth Marotte (University of Central Arkansas) Salon D
2827 Comics and Comic Art XII–Borderlines, Transitions, and Social Issues Christina Blanch (Ball State University) Salon E
2828 Children’s Literature and Culture XIV: Classic and Historical Children’s Literature Lauren DeLaCruz (Northwestern) Salon F
2829 Animation Nightly Screening II: Hayou Miyazaki’s “Kaze Tachinu” (The Wind Rises) David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
2830 Happy Valley Roundtable Joseph Price (Whittier College) Salon H
2832 Interfacing with Games Nicholas Ware (University of Central Florida) Studio 2
2834 Protest Issues and Actions II Lotte Larsen (Western Oregon University) Studio 4
2838 Science and Popular Culture I Hannah Fowler (Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering) Studio 8
2840 Representations Paul Rubery (Stony Brook University) Studio 10
3101 Beer Culture I: Beers & Place Paul Bruski (Iowa State University) Audobon
3102 Activism & Causes on the Internet Colin Helb (Elizabethtown College) Bacchus
3103 Film XVI–Hitch and His Bitches: Nazi Prophecy, Lady Absurdity, Mommy Dearest, and Queers on a Rope Laura Cathrine (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Balcony J
3104 Science and Popular Culture II John Bozeman (Argosy University – Washington, D.C.) Balcony I
3106 Constructing and Negotiating Identities Patricia Montilla (Western Michigan University) Balcony L
3108 Exploring Time in Science Fiction Sherry Ginn (Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) Balcony M
3109 VII – Trauma and Community Donna Harper (Independent Scholar) Balcony N
3110 Coatlicue meets NAFTA: Reflections on Art, Literature, Technology, and Research along the U.S./Mexico Borderlands Araceli Masterson-Algar (Augustana College) Beauregard
3111 Popular Representations of Religion & Religions Pamela A. Detrixhe (Temple University) Bissonet
3112 How Many Discourses Does It Take to Screw in a Humor Symposium?: Theorizing the Pedagogical Possibilities of Humorous Media Jillian Belanger (University of Rhode Island) Bonaparte
3114 Consuming Historical Memory in Science Fiction, on the Street and in the Museum Damon Stanek (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) Galerie 2
3115 Women’s Studies XVI: Art, Politics, and Women’s Correspondence in the Twentieth-Century United States Meaghan Beadle (University of Virginia) Galerie 3
3116 Music 16: Place #1 Dennis McDaniel (Saint Vincent College) Galerie 4
3117 Horror XIII. Critical Re-evaluations of Horror Staples Rick McDonald (Utah Valley University) Galerie 5
3118 Afro-Diasporic Social Dance Forms and the Transnational City Ananya Kabir (King’s College London) Galerie 6
3119 Adolescence in Film and Television I: Exploring Childhood and Adolescent Innocence Terrie Waddell (La Trobe University, Australia) Galvez
3121 BDSM, Kink, and Fetish Studies Roundtable I: A Sexological View of BDSM & Our Legal Sexual Freedom Judy Guerin (National Coalition For Sexual Freedom) Jackson
3122 Gender and Media Studies V: Glass Ceilings, Cyberfeminists and Serial Killers Jody Keisner (Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha) Regent
3123 XVI: Using Popular Culture to Improve Pedagogy in Higher Education James Coon (Wingate University) Salon A
3124 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design XI: Dress, Age, and Appearance Janet Hethorn (University of Delaware) Salon B
3125 Authenticity in Hip-Hop Pamela Andrews (Wilfred Laurier University) Salon C
3126 Film Adaptation 1 Elizabeth Nielsen (University of Massachusetts) Salon D
3127 Comics and Comic Art XIII–Superheroes and Race Terrence Wandtke (Judson University), Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
3128 Philosophy in the Public Sphere Dana Anderson (Indiana University) Salon F
3129 How to visually enhance your lectures and presentations, and so increase audience engagement in your work Louise McWhinnie (University of Technology Sydney) Salon G
3130 Film & History VIII: Challenges and Controversies spintz harrison (Bowling Green State University) Salon H
3131 Medieval Worlds Ross Leasure (Salisbury University) Studio 1
3132 Intertextuality and Pastiche Grant Hamming (Stanford University) Studio 2
3133 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research I: Popular Culture and Information Literacy Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 3
3134 American Literature VII: Great Authors Licia Hendriks (The Citadel) Studio 4
3135 Literature, Politics & Society John Samson (Texas Tech University) Studio 5
3136 Wrestling 1 william gerdes-mcClain (Oklahoma University) Studio 6
3137 Tolkien Studies I: Literary Studies 1 Margaret Sinex (Western Illinois University) Studio 7
3140 The Sixties I–Actively Shaping Culture Roger Chapman (Palm Beach Atlantic University) Studio 10
3141 Latin Americans & Latinos – Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes I: Latin/o Hybridities: Cultural, Racial and Social Expressions James Dyer (Knox College) Carondelet
3201 Beer Culture II: Mythology & Building Denese Neu (National Louis University) Audobon
3203 Film XVII–Hitchcock II: Lifeboat, Blackmail, The Birds, Marnie, & Memory Joseph Sgammato (SUNY Westchester Community College) Balcony J
3204 Science and Popular Culture III Steven Gil (University of Queensland) Balcony I
3205 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XIII: More Queers on Film Scott Stoddart (SUNY/Fashion Institute of Technology) Balcony K
3206 Consuming the (Pop)Sacred: Soap operas, virgins, the monstrous-feminine, and resistance Kelly Medina Lopez (New Mexico State University) Balcony L
3208 Marvel Universe Sarah Gawronski (Weber State University ) Balcony M
3209 VIII – Genre Blending John Caruso (Marylhurst University) Balcony N
3210 RADIO 5 Radio’s Influence on African American Culture James Belpedio (Becker College) Beauregard
3211 Popular Theologies Pamela A. Detrixhe (Temple University) Bissonet
3212 We Are the Knights Who Say “Ni!”/”No!”/”Nu!”: A Monty Python Roundtable Lori Wilson Snaith (University of West Georgia) Bonaparte
3213 Representations of Fans: Inside and Outside Lincoln Geraghty (University of Portsmouth) Galerie 1
3214 From Michael Jackson to Beyoncé: The Postmodern Pop Gesamtkunstwerk Rachel Lifter (Parsons The New School for Design) Galerie 2
3215 Women’s Studies XVII: Young Women and Television and Media Consumption Christopher Swindell (Marshall University) Galerie 3
3216 Music 17: Literary Connections Thomas M. Kitts (St. John’s University) Galerie 4
3217 Horror XIV. (Roundtable) Blood on the Books, Blood on the Screen: New Horror Scholarship Shannon Blake Skelton (Kansas State University) Galerie 5
3218 Choreographic Convention as Cinematic Device Hannah Schwadron (Florida State University) Galerie 6
3219 Adolescence in Film and Television II: Adolescent Cinema Studies Katherine Gill (University of Mississippi) Galvez
3220 Medievalism in the World of Westeros Helen Young (University of Sydney) Iberville
3221 BDSM, Kink, and Fetish Studies: I Shiloh Peters (Missouri State University) Jackson
3223 Undergraduate Sessions I: Gender, Race, Popular Culture, Literature, and New Media Mark Rubinfeld (Westminster College) Salon A
3224 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design XII: Luxury, Value, and Strategic Branding II Veronica Manlow (Brooklyn College, School of Business, Department of Finance and Business Management) Salon B
3225 Black Performing Arts in the Diaspora Lee Chambers (Texas Tech University) Salon C
3227 Comics and Comic Art XIV–X-Men: Gender and Race Ryan Novak (Missouri State University ) Salon E
3228 Children’s Literature and Culture XV: Literary Parallels in The Hunger Games Jessica McCort (Duquesne University) Salon F
3229 Animation Screening IV: Screening Time For “Gender and Identity” David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
3230 Film & History iX: Nuclear Fear, Apocalypse, and Beyond Bryn Upton (McDaniel COllege) Salon H
3231 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture II – Foucault, Derrida, and Geek Chic Shay Rahm (University of Central Oklahoma) Studio 1
3232 Playing roles and rolling play Nicholas Mizer (Texas A&M University) Studio 2
3233 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research II: Images of Librarys/Librarians Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 3
3234 American Literature VIII: Gender Studies Anne-Marie Evans (York St John University ) Studio 4
3235 Literature, Politics & Society II Michael Kimball (Utah State University) Studio 5
3236 Wrestling 2 Shane Toepfer (Assistant Professor – University of North Georgia – Oconee) Studio 6
3237 Tolkien Studies II: Literary Studies 2 Janet Croft (Rutgers University) Studio 7
3238 Mythology in Contemporary Culture II. Bridges and Boundaries Kate Rittenhouse (Independent Scholar) Studio 8
3239 Copyright Permissions Made Easy Jim Burr (University of Texas Press) Studio 9
3240 The Sixties II–Legacies Deborah Carmichael (Michigan State University) Studio 10
3241 Latin Americans & Latinos – Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes II: Latin/o Subjectivities and Cultural Production: Literature, Comedy and Labor Daniel Melero Malpica (Sonoma State University) Carondelet
3284 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XII: History and Traditions David Chase (Raritan Valley Community College) Balcony K
3301 Beer Culture III: Revolution & Pedagogy Linda Zee (Utica College) Audobon
3302 Collective Action(s) & the Internet Mary Beth Ray (Plymouth State University) Bacchus
3303 Film XVIII–Wes Anderson: Meaning, Tragedy, & Religion David Splawn (East Texas Baptist University) Balcony J
3304 Scientists in Popular Culture Steven Gil (University of Queensland) Balcony I
3305 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XIV: GL&Q Studies Social Gathering Bruce Drushel (Miami University) Balcony K
3306 Narrative tendencies in South American Fiction Patricia Montilla (Western Michigan University) Balcony L
3308 Doctor Who April Toadvine (St. Joseph’s College of Indiana) Balcony M
3310 RADIO 6 Frank Tavares: 30 Years as Voice for NPR, “Life With Luigi,” & The 1940s “Round-UP” magazine of WIBW, Topeka. Frank Johnson (Dean and Associate Professor – Atlanta Metropolitan State College) Beauregard
3311 Religion & Literature Brandon Harwood (University of Louisville: Department of Humanities) Bissonet
3312 “What People Now Do with Comedy”: The Internet, Muslim Jokes, and Other Pastimes of the Political Citizenry Peter Seely (Benedictine University) Bonaparte
3313 Rethinking Fandom: Methodology and Pedagogy Cécile Cristofari (University of Provence) Galerie 1
3314 Seen/Unseen, Transcendent/Embodied: Art, Installation, Performance and Religion Gretchen Gasterland-Gustafsson (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) Galerie 2
3315 Women’s Studies XVIII: Anime, Sci Fi and Apocalyptic Narratives Rita Bakelaar (Azusa Pacific University) Galerie 3
3316 Music 18: A Special Session with Mark Volman: The Music Industry and My Lawsuit against Sirius Radio Thomas M. Kitts (St. John’s University) Galerie 4
3317 Horror XV. Alternative Readings of Horror Ralph Beliveau (University of Oklahoma) Galerie 5
3318 Crescent City Choreographies Rachel Carrico (University of California, Riverside) Galerie 6
3319 Adolescence in Film and Television III: Adolescent Television Studies Margaret France (Augustana College) Galvez
3320 Novel Medievalism Christina Francis (Bloomsburg University) Iberville
3321 BDSM, Kink, and Fetish Studies: II Emma Turley (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) Jackson
3322 Gender and Media Studies VII: Gender Issues in Outlander, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy Siobahn Stiles (Lane College) Regent
3323 Undergraduate Sessions II: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives into History, Commemoration, and Empowerment Bailey Zukovich (Roger Williams University) Salon A
3324 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design XIII: Fashion Thinking, Branding, and Criticism Charles Freeman (Mississippi State University) Salon B
3325 Gender and Sexuality in Hip-Hop Helen Kim (University of East London) Salon C
3326 Film Adaptation 2 Claire Warnick (Brigham Young University) Salon D
3327 Comics and Comic Art XV–Space & Place in Comics Julia Round (Bournemouth University) Salon E
3328 Creative Non-Fiction: Reflections Becky McLaughlin (University of South Alabama) Salon F
3329 Animation IV: Gender and Identity Holly Cowart (University of Florida) Salon G
3330 Film & History X: Histories and Intimacies Gerald Duchovnay (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Salon H
3331 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture III – Infographics in the Composition Classroom Colleen Thorndike (University of Mississippi) Studio 1
3332 Pushing the Limits of Game Studies Evan Lauteria (Syracuse University) Studio 2
3333 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research III: Collections: Comic Art Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 3
3334 American Literature IX: Contemporary Literature Paul Albano (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Studio 4
3335 Literature, Politics & Society III: Special Session Marisela Martinez (Presenter) Studio 5
3336 Media and Representation Cathy Leogrande (Le Moyne College) Studio 6
3337 Tolkien Studies III: Film and Literary Studies Michael Wodzak (Viterbo University) Studio 7
3338 Mythology in Contemporary Culture III. Absent Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Personal Myths Kate Rittenhouse (Independent Scholar) Studio 8
3339 Issues in Intellectual Property and Copyright Brendan Riley (Columbia College Chicago) Studio 9
3340 The Sixties III–Messages in the Light and Music Deborah Carmichael (Michigan State University) Studio 10
3341 Latin Americans & Latinos – Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes III: Latin/o Identities and Melodramatic Discourses: On the Page, On the Screen, On the Stage Raul Rosales Herrera (Drew University) Carondelet
3401 Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Joseph Flynn (SUNY Alfred State College, Alfred, NY 14802) Audobon
3402 Death in the Digital Age Molly Kalan (Independent Scholar) Bacchus
3403 Film XIX–Directors: Wes Anderson & Quentin Tarantino Hillary Kirkham (Claremont Graduate University) Balcony J
3404 Journalism and Media Culture I Ahmed Muyidi (University of Kansas) Balcony I
3405 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XV: Teachable Moments Jimmie Manning (Northern Illinois University) Balcony K
3406 Representations of Resistance and Subversion Patricia Montilla (Western Michigan University) Balcony L
3408 Children of Earth and Beyond Ellen Stengel (Uinv. of Central Arkansas) Balcony M
3409 Publishing Opportunities in Popular Culture and American Culture Studies Gary Burns (Northern Illinois University) Balcony N
3410 RADIO 7 Effects of Technology, Aural Geography, & Propaganda on Radio Programs during War. Mike Adams (San Jose State) Beauregard
3411 Religion & Secularism Elizabeth Georgian (University of South Carolina Aiken) Bissonet
3412 Pulp Studies I – The Pulp Southern Gothic Jonas Prida (College of St. Joseph) Bonaparte
3413 The Journal of Fandom Studies: Where Do We Go From Here? Katherine Larsen (The George Washington University) Galerie 1
3414 Lady Gagavic,Smash,Stealing Celebrity & Militarization Emily Clark (City University of New York) Galerie 2
3415 Women’s Studies XIX: Children’s Cartoons, Depicting Historical Queens, and Shonda Rhimes in Contemporary TV Erin Monfort-Nelson (Iowa State University) Galerie 3
3416 Music 19: Protest Theodore Trost (university of alabama) Galerie 4
3417 Horror XVI. The Pleasures of the Text: Morality, Catharsis, Resistance, Interpretation Leah Larson (Our Lady of the Lake University) Galerie 5
3418 Dance and Social Change Carrie Stern (Queensborough Community College) Galerie 6
3420 Robin Hood John Sebastian (Loyola University New Orleans) Iberville
3422 Gender and Media Studies VIII: Masculinity and Femininity in Film Samantha Taylor (University of Southern Mississippi) Regent
3423 Undergraduate Sessions III: Analyzing the Visual in Critical Media Studies Curt Hersey (Berry College) Salon A
3424 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design XIV: Subcultures, Grunge, and Street Style ANNA KURENNAYA (Parsons The New School for Design) Salon B
3425 Identity Politics in Hip-Hop Kayla Wheeler (University of Iowa) Salon C
3426 Film Adaptation 3: (Panel) Laura Holder (Odessa College) Salon D
3427 Comics and Comic Art XVI–Comics in the Classroom, Classics in the Comics Terrence Wandtke (Judson University), Nicole Freim (La Sierra University) Salon E
3428 Creative Non-Fiction: Tales of Our Fathers Stephen Foster Smith (University of West Georgia) Salon F
3429 Animation Screening V: Screening Time for “Adapted Texts” David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University) Salon G
3430 Punk Culture I: The ISMS (not Feminisim) Andrew Wood (University of California – Santa Cruz) Salon H
3431 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture IV – Composition Class Jenny Jackson (University of Mississippi) Studio 1
3432 Questions of Play: Motivation, Emotion, and Affect Aaron Trammell (Rutgers University) Studio 2
3433 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research IV: Collections: Counterculture and LGBTQQ Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 3
3434 American Literature X: Interdisciplinary Studies Corey Taylor (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) Studio 4
3435 Literature, Politics & Society IV Randy Holmes (Virginia State University) Studio 5
3436 Business Jon Bruning (Carthage College) Studio 6
3437 Tolkien Studies IV: Film Studies Robin Reid (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Studio 7
3438 Mythology in Contemporary Culture IV. Feminine Heroics Kate Rittenhouse (Independent Scholar) Studio 8
3439 Real Television King Adkins (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology) Studio 9
3440 The Sixties IV–The Place of Counterculture Deborah Carmichael (Michigan State University) Studio 10
3441 Latin Americans & Latinos – Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes IV: Dos siglos de proyectos nacionales y reinvenciones identitarias: de la Cuba colonial a la postsoviética Armando Chavez-Rivera (University of Houston-Victoria) Carondelet
3501 Literature of the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars Maureen Ryan (University of Southern Mississippi) Audobon
3502 Know Your Meme Colin Helb (Elizabethtown College) Bacchus
3503 Film XX–Directors: Terrence Malick, Francis Coppola, David Fincher, & Martin Scorsese Olga Liberman (University of Wyoming) Balcony J
3504 Journalism and Media Culture II Allison Ludwig (University of SC Upstate) Balcony I
3505 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XVI: HIV/AIDS Alberto Cifuentes, Jr. (University of Connecticut School of Social Work) Balcony K
3506 Ecology and Culture I: The Human/Animal Connection Lenora Ledwon (St.. Thomas University School of Law) Balcony L
3508 Exploring Identity I: Queering the Self and the Other Michael Cornelius (Wilson College) Balcony N
3509 Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Biopunk Jennifer Kelso Farrell (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Balcony M
3510 Brazilian Music, Literature and Regional Identity Mónica Ayala-Martínez (Denison University) Beauregard
3511 Religious Communities & Communication Technology Elizabeth Georgian (University of South Carolina Aiken) Bissonet
3512 Pulp Studies II – Weird Tales: The Unique Magazine Justin Everett (University of the Sciences) Bonaparte
3513 Virtual and Physical Fan Spaces Elizabeth Nielsen (University of Massachusetts) Galerie 1
3514 Miley Cyrus, Hero Widows, Endorsments & History Gerald Burns (Franklin Pierce University) Galerie 2
3515 Roundtable I: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: Basic Bitches in American Popular Culture Jaime Govier (California State University Fullerton) Galerie 3
3516 Sea Literature, History & Culture I: Monsters and Wrecks Kevin Swafford (Bradley University) Galerie 4
3517 Horror XVII. Eat Your Meat … and Veggies: Culinary Horror Kim Kirkpatrick (FSU) Galerie 5
3518 Dance and the Global City Tiffany Pollock (York University) Galerie 6
3519 Adolescence in Film and Television V: Teen Reality TV Jennifer Fogel (SUNY-Oswego) Galvez
3520 The Arthurian World Carol Jamison (Armstrong State University) Iberville
3521 BDSM, Kink, Fetish Studies Roundtable II: “Sexual” Consent Counts — It’s never just black or white Richard Cunningham (National Coalition For Sexual Freedom) Jackson
3522 Gender and Media Studies IX: Women in Film Doris Frye (University of South Alabama) Regent
3523 Undergraduate Sessions IV: Creative Fiction: Reading Work, Discussing Craft Rebekah Buchanan (Western Illinois University), Barbara Harroun (Presenter) Salon A
3524 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design XV: Textiles and Fashion History David Loranger (Iowa State University) Salon B
3525 Jazz Aesthetics, Performance, and History Michael Borshuk (Texas Tech University) Salon C
3526 Film Adaptation IV Rachel Weatherford (Southeast Missouri State University) Salon D
3527 Comics and Comic Art XVII–Historical Turning Points 2 Kerry Soper (Brigham Young University) Salon E
3528 Creative Non-Fiction; Personal Tales Lori Lubeski (Curry College) Salon F
3529 Animation V: Adapted Texts Aaron Drucker (Claremont Graduate University) Salon G
3530 Punk Culture II: Girls/Grrls Performing Punk Theresa Winge (Michigan State University) Salon H
3531 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture V – Rhetoric Class Melissa Bender (University of California, Davis) Studio 1
3532 Representation and Identification Gregory Bagnall (University of Rhode Island) Studio 2
3533 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research V: Larry McCaffery, John Richbourg, and Louis Shores Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 3
3534 American Literature XI: Intertextuality Andrew Marzoni (University of Minnesota) Studio 4
3535 Literature, Politics & Society V Jocelyn Irby (Tennessee State University) Studio 5
3536 Football Brett Abrams (Independent Scholar/NARA) Studio 6
3537 Tolkien Studies V: Cultural Studies Phillip Fitzsimmons (Southwestern Oklahoma State University) Studio 7
3538 Mythology in Contemporary Culture V. Archetypes in Transition Stephen Wilkerson (Black Mountain, North Carolina) Studio 8
3539 Round Table: Orange Is the New Black, Season 2 Becca Cragin (BGSU) Studio 9
3540 The Sixties V–The Middlebrow 60s Deborah Carmichael (Michigan State University) Studio 10
3541 Caribbean & Transatlantic Cultural Production & Issues Jorge Febles (University of North Florida) Carondelet
3602 Maker Culture & Value Production Candice Roberts (Drexel University) Bacchus
3603 Round Table – All Eyes on the Screen: Integrating visuals into the English Classroom Jeffrey Schneider (St. Louis Community College-Meramec ), Royce W. Smith (Wichita State University) Balcony J
3604 Journalism and Media Culture III Shawn M. Snidow (University of Oklahoma) Balcony I
3605 Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature: Creative Writing and American Culture in Flux Mary Catherine Harper (Defiance College) Balcony K
3606 Ecology and Culture II: Parks and Recreation Margaret O’Shaughnessey (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Balcony L
3608 Cultural Angst Leanne Foster (Central Conneticut State University) Balcony M
3609 Heroes, Superheroes and Antiheroes Toni Calbert (Ohio State University) Balcony N
3610 Imagining Brazil: The Sounds, The Images, The Dreams Monica Ayala-Martinez (Denison University) Beauregard
3611 Religious Practice & Performance Hannah Scheidt (Northwestern University) Bissonet
3612 Pulp Studies III – H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard Frank Coffman (Prof. of English and Journalism, Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL) Bonaparte
3613 We are SHERLOCKED!: Fans of BBC’s Sherlock Ann McClellan (Plymouth State University) Galerie 1
3614 Numbers and Systems Scott Montgomery (University of Denver) Galerie 2
3615 Women’s Studies XX: Women’s Literary Fiction and Storytelling in the 20th and 21st Centuries Aneeka A. Henderson (Amherst College) Galerie 3
3616 Sea Literature, History & Culture II: Migration, Exploration and Politics Jordan McIntyre (University of New Brunswick) Galerie 4
3617 Horror XVIII. Zombies and Voudon (Voodoo) Louise Fenton (University of Wolverhampton, UK) Galerie 5
3618 Civil War and Reconstruction V: War and Politics in the West Matthew Stith (University of Texas at Tyler) Galerie 6
3619 Creative Fiction 1 Mary Elizabeth Pope (Emmanuel College) Galvez
3620 Disability and Youth in Popular Film and Music D. Gilson (George Washington University) Iberville
3621 BDSM, Kink, Fetish Studies Special Session: Exploring Dominance & Submission Charley Ferrer (SSSS, NCSF, BDSM Writers Con ) Jackson
3622 Gender and Media Studies X: Gender Issues in Television Kristi Branham (Western Kentucky University) Regent
3623 Undergraduate Sessions V: Does Fantasy Literature of Popular Culture Define our Reality? An Examination of Realism, Women, and Evil in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” Tess Schuster (Roger Williams University) Salon A
3624 Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design XVI: Brands and Consumption Karina Virahsawmy (Alfred Gillett Trust) Salon B
3625 Rhythm and Blues, Funk, and Neo-Soul Wylie Lenz (Florida Polytechnic University) Salon C
3626 Collecting and Collectibles I: Collecting and Cultural Values Donald Ritzenhein (Eastern Michigan University) Salon D
3627 Comics and Comic Art XVIII–The “I” and the (Auto)biography Meghan Hancock (University of Louisville) Salon E
3628 Non-Fiction Writing I Dan R. Jones (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Salon F
3629 Vampire Roundtable: Shame, Gender & Cultural Capital Cait Coker (Texas A&M University) Salon G
3630 Generation X: Generation X Turns 50! Elwood Watson (East Tennessee State University) Salon H
3631 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture VI – Rhetorical Analysis Jessica Boykin (Arizona State University) Studio 1
3632 The Future of Gaming, Today Betsy Brey (University of Waterloo) Studio 2
3633 Memory and Representation I: Sites of Contention Terry Cochran (Littérature comparée; Université de Montréal) Studio 3
3634 American Literature XII: Exploring Issues of Racial Representation and Body Image Gina DeAngelis (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Studio 4
3635 New England Studies I : Political, Industrial, and Personal Journeys in New England Joan Wry (Saint Michael’s College) Studio 5
3636 Sports and Teaching Benjamin Dettmar (Adrian College) Studio 6
3637 Tolkien Studies VI: New Approaches to Tolkien Studies Michael Elam (Regent University) Studio 7
3638 Mythology in Contemporary Culture VI. Imaginal Journeys to Liminal Spaces Stephen Wilkerson (Black Mountain, North Carolina) Studio 8
3639 Serial TV Jessica Walker (Alabama A&M University ) Studio 9
3640 Stephen King I: Writing the Writer Michael Perry (Rockford University) Studio 10
3702 Online Conflict & Community Colin Helb (Elizabethtown College) Bacchus
3703 Robin Williams,Celebrity Chefs,Korean Wave and Kardashian Kulture Felix Morgan (Texas Tech University) Balcony J
3704 Journalism and Media Culture IV Jared Stanley (Texas Tech University) Balcony I
3706 Ecology and Culture III: Ecopolitics Margaret O’Shaughnessey (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Balcony L
3708 Gender and Gender Roles sean murray (st. john’s university) Balcony M
3710 Rhythms, Identity, Modernity and Tradition in Brazilian Popular Music Monica Ayala-Martinez (Denison University) Beauregard
3711 Studies at the Intersection of Television & Religion Dale McConkey (Berry College) Bissonet
3712 Pulp Studies IV – Fascism and Imperialism in the Pulps Stephanie Tkach (CSU Fullerton, English Graduate Program) Bonaparte
3713 What’s Your Definition of Dirty, Baby?: Taking Pleasure, Together, in Fanfic KT Torrey (Virginia Tech) Galerie 1
3715 Women’s Studies XXI: Gender, Race, and Feminism in 20th and 21st Century Film Robert Kilker (Kutztown University) Galerie 3
3716 Sea Literature, History & Culture III: Stephen Maturin’s Identities in the Stories of Patrick O’Brian John Halbrooks (University of South Alabama) Galerie 4
3717 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film I: (Dis)Ease and the Vampire Pandemic Megan Martin (Bossier Parish Community College) Galerie 5
3718 Civil War and Reconstruction VI: Civil War and Popular Culture Michael W. Schaefer (University of Central Arkansas) Galerie 6
3719 Creative Fiction II Rachel Luria (Florida Atlantic University Wilkes Honors College) Galvez
3720 Illness and Identity: Body, Mind, Race, Sex Phyllisa Deroze (United Arab Emirates University) Iberville
3721 BDSM, Kink, Fetish Studies Special Session: Kink 101 Charley Ferrer (SSSS, NCSF, BDSM Writers Con ) Jackson
3722 Gender and Media Studies XI: Gender Issues and Gaming Debbie Phillips (Muskingum College) Regent
3723 Undergraduate Sessions VI: Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Popular Culture Ruth Washington (University of Connecticut) Salon A
3725 The Economy of Ratchet: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Black Pathology Matthew Morrison (New York University) Salon C
3726 Collecting and Collectibles II: Collecting as Concept and Metaphor Tara Laver (Louisiana State University) Salon D
3728 Non-Fiction Writing: Memoir Patricia Gantt (Utah State University) Salon F
3730 Punk Culture III: Marginalizing the Marginalized Zachary Dobbins (Eckerd College) Salon H
3731 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture VII – Writing and Reading Narrative Dylan Retzinger (New Mexico State University) Studio 1
3732 The Horror! Sara Roncero-Menendez (University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana) Studio 2
3733 Memory and Representation II: Images of Memory and Identity Amy Parziale (Tulane University) Studio 3
3734 SHAKESPEARE I Peter Babiak (Georgian College/Laurentian University) Studio 4
3735 New England Studies II: Massachusetts Rogues and Legends Carol Mitchell (Springfield College) Studio 5
3736 Identity Politics Ken Muir (Appalachian State University) Studio 6
3737 Tolkien Studies VII: “In a hole in the ground there lived a fangirl”: The Complications of Tolkien, Fandom, and The Hobbit Roundtable Cait Coker (Texas A&M University) Studio 7
3738 Mythology in Contemporary Culture VII. Mythic Elements in American Culture Stephen Wilkerson (Black Mountain, North Carolina) Studio 8
3739 Teen TV Scott Rogers (Weber State University) Studio 9
3740 Stephen King II: Influence and Anxiety Clotilde Landais (Purdue University) Studio 10
3802 Social Media Challenges & Opportunities Mary Beth Ray (Plymouth State University) Bacchus
3806 Ecology and Culture IV: Perspectives on the Bestial Margaret O’Shaughnessey (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Balcony L
3808 Exploring Identity II: Race, Ethnicity and the Alien Other Anthony Shiu (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Balcony M
3811 What Do Foreskins, Fossils, Plates, Pirates, and the Gospels Have in Common? Pamela A. Detrixhe (Temple University) Bissonet
3813 Who Are We?: Fandom and Identity Bethany Scettrini (Baylor University) Galerie 1
3814 Staircases and Mannequins: Performing Identity in Interior Design Victoria Pass (Salisbury University) Galerie 2
3815 Women’s Studies XXII: Trauma, Domesticity, and Female Role Modelhood in Memoir and Fiction Kaitlyn Haynal (University of Pittsburgh) Galerie 3
3816 Sea Literature, History & Culture IV: Authoring the Sea Stephen Curley (Texas A&M University at Galveston ) Galerie 4
3817 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film II: How To (De)Construct a Vampire Mary Sealy (Lipscomb University) Galerie 5
3818 Civil War and Reconstruction VII: The Rhetoric of War in the Antebellum Era Michael Frawley (University of Texas of the Permian Basin) Galerie 6
3820 Intersections: History, Literature, Pathology Katherine Ostrom (Emory University) Iberville
3821 BDSM, Kink, and Fetish Studies: III Leila Taylor (no affiliation) Jackson
3822 Gender and Media Studies XII:Gender Issues in Television Debbie Phillips (Muskingum College) Regent
3823 Undergraduate Sessions VII: Inquiries into Inequality Mark Rubinfeld (Westminster College) Salon A
3827 50 Years of Snoopy Animation: Histories from Scholars and Insights from the Emmy Award-winning Peanuts Team David S. Silverman (Kansas Wesleyan University), Stephen Lind (Washington and Lee University) Salon E
3828 Non-Fiction: Descriptive Narrative Yara Edrees (The College of Staten Island) Salon F
3830 Punk Culture IV: Transforming Punk Ellen Bernhard (Drexel University ) Salon H
3832 The Legacies of GamerGate Jennifer Mayo (Ball State University) Studio 2
3833 Memory and Representation III: Full Circle: Preserving the Past to Inform the Future John Sharp (Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Studio 3
3834 SHAKESPEARE II Richard Vela (University of North Carolina-Pembroke) Studio 4
3837 Tolkien Studies VIII: The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) Viewing Robin Reid (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Studio 7
3839 Televised Women Cindy Conaway (SUNY Empire State College) Studio 9
3840 Stephen King III: “Time” for the Gothic!? Tony Magistrale (University of Vermont) Studio 10
4008 Westerns and the West IV: Interpretations of the West as Mythic Space Salon C
4102 The Ethics and Aesthetics of Online Spoilers Arwen Taylor (Indiana University, Bloomington) Bacchus
4108 Genre Stan Hunter Kranc (The Pennsylvania State University) Balcony M
4117 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film III: Sookie, Tara, and the World of Charlaine Harris Rebecca Garcia (California State University of San Bernardino) Galerie 5
4118 Embodying Histories Sarah Wilcoxon (Florida State University ) Galerie 6
4119 Creative Fiction III Nicole Louise Reid (University of Southern Indiana) Galvez
4120 Marketing, Advertising, Persuasion: Learning About Health in Popular Culture Scott Martin (Bowling Green State University) Iberville
4122 Gender and Media Studies XIII: Gender Issues in Music Kristin Lieb (Emerson College) Regent
4123 Undergraduate Sessions VIII: From the United States to Scandinavia: Gender Presentations and Representations Kristjane Nordmeyer (Westminster College) Salon A
4125 Westerns and the West I: Evaluations of Various Cultures in the West Sarah Hitt (Colorado School of Mines) Salon C
4127 Comics and Comic Art XIX–Superheroes and Gender 2 Rick Stevens (University of Colorado Boulder) Salon E
4132 The Limits of Control: Interactivity and Choice in Gaming Matthew Wysocki (Flagler College) Studio 2
4133 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture Roundtable – Playing with Subjectivity in Gone Home: A Duoethnography Patrick Harris (Miami University) Studio 3
4134 SHAKESPEARE III Jim Casey (Arcadia University) Studio 4
4136 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research VI: Focus on Children, the Disabled, and Ducks Studio 6
4138 Memory and Representation IV: The Multiple Discourses of Memory Kyle Christensen (University of Memphis, Department of Communication) Studio 8
4139 Televisual Identities Jessica Whitehead (York University) Studio 9
4140 Stephen King IV: Violence and Veganism Phil Simpson (Eastern Florida State College) Studio 10
4202 Violence Linda K. Fuller (Worcester State University) Bacchus
4203 Film XXII–Foreign Films I: France, Germany, & Albania Bruce Williams (William Paterson University) Balcony J
4208 Literary Theory and Devices Donald E. Palumbo (East Carolina University) Balcony M
4212 Audiences, Influencers, & Co-Production Colin Helb (Elizabethtown College) Bonaparte
4213 Tolkien Studies IX: Business Meeting Robin Reid (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Galerie 1
4214 Film & History XI: Histories and Identities Catherine Schroy (Texas A&M-Commerce) Galerie 2
4216 Music 21: Place 2 Eric Abbey (Oakland Community College) Galerie 4
4217 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film IV: The Gendered Vampire Vicky Gilpin (Millikin University, Richland Community College, Cerro Gordo High School) Galerie 5
4218 Fame and the Virtual Forever Elizabeth Bergman (University of Iowa) Galerie 6
4219 Creative Fiction IV Erin Holden (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Galvez
4220 Media Representations of Doctors, Patients, and the Clinical Encounter Jessica Elton (Eastern Michigan University) Iberville
4222 Gender and Media Studies XIV: Gender, Advertising, Technology and Basic Bitches Donna Mahar (State University of New York: Empire State College) Regent
4223 Undergraduate Sessions IX: Gender and Sexuality: Representations and Misrepresentations Kim Jackson (Tarrant County College-Northwest Campus) Salon A
4225 Westerns and the West II: Parents and Mentors in the West Paul Zinder (The American University of Rome) Salon C
4227 Comics and Comic Art Roundtable I–Meet the Press(es) Series Editors Chart the Future of Comics Studies Randy Duncan (Henderson State University) Salon E
4232 The Virtual World is Real Jennifer England (New Mexico State University) Studio 2
4233 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture IX – Politics and Public Affairs Michelle Deal (Southern Vermont College) Studio 3
4234 SHAKESPEARE IV Alani Hicks-Bartlett (University of California, Berkeley) Studio 4
4236 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research VII: Searching … Searching … Studio 6
4238 Memory and Representation V: History between Yesterday and Tomorrow Sarah Hogenbirk (Carleton University (History)) Studio 8
4239 The Cult of Quality Heather Humann (University of Alabama) Studio 9
4240 Latin American Film, Television and Digital Culture I Melissa Fitch (University of Arizona) Studio 10
4280 Film XXI–Britain & France in Film: Beat Girl, Sabotage, Four Lions, & Faux French Balcony J
4302 College Sports Steven Waller (The University of Tennessee) Bacchus
4303 Film XXIII–Foreign Films II: Iran, Hong Kong, Pakistan, & Bollywood Gohar Siddiqui (University of Wisconsin-Platteville) Balcony J
4305 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XVII: More Television and Film M. Catherine Jonet (New Mexico State University) Balcony K
4308 Comes the Apocalypse Isiah Lavender III (Louisiana State University) Balcony M
4314 Film & History XII: Message Films and Films’ Messages Carrie Marjorie Peirce (Azusa Pacific University) Galerie 2
4316 Music 22: Englishness and Solism Steven Hamelman (Coastal Carolina University) Galerie 4
4317 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film V: True Blood Roundtable Mary Findley (MODERATOR) (Vermont Technical College) Galerie 5
4320 Teaching the Medical Humanities Rachel Bowser (Georgia Gwinnett College) Iberville
4322 Gender and Media Studies XV: Skeletons, Witches, Privacy and Antiheroines in Television Margaret Hankenson (University of Wisconsin Waukesha) Regent
4323 Undergraduate Sessions X: Escapism, Fantasy, and Fear in Multiple Forms Wendy Goldberg (University of Mississippi) Salon A
4325 Westerns and the West III: New Categories for the Western Genre Andrew Patrick Nelson (Montana State University) Salon C
4327 Comics and Comic Art Roundtable II–Batman at 75: The Dark Knight in Context Salon E
4332 Think Globally: Play Locally Douglas Schules (Rikkyo University, Tokyo) Studio 2
4333 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture X – Teaching and Assessing Writing Shane Wood (The University of Kansas) Studio 3
4334 SHAKESPEARE V Richard Vela (University of North Carolina-Pembroke) Studio 4
4336 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research VIII: Outreach and Feedback Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 6
4338 Pulp Studies V – Gender and the Pulps Laurie Powers (Smith College) Studio 8
4339 The Dark Side of TV Susan Ronnenberg (Viterbo University) Studio 9
4340 Latin American Film, Television and Digital Culture II Melissa Fitch (University of Arizona) Studio 10
4402 History Karen Markoe (SUNY Maritime College) Bacchus
4403 Film XXIV–Metal at the Movies Brad Klypchak (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Balcony J
4405 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XVIII: More Identities Anna Fahraeus (Halmstad University) Balcony K
4408 Speculative Fiction Elizabeth Thomas (Murray State University) Balcony M
4414 Film & History XIII: Shooting the War Erin O’Quinn (University of North Carolina-Wilmington) Galerie 2
4416 Music 23: Performance Erin Heisel (Independent Artist/Scholar) Galerie 4
4417 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film VI: La Femme Monstreuse Roundtable Candace Benefiel (Texas A&M University) Galerie 5
4418 Performing Paradoxes of Modern, Postmodern, and Popular Dance Maria Marcsek-Fuchs (Technische Universität Braunschweig) Galerie 6
4420 Theorizing Health and Disease in Pop Culture Bill Albertini (Bowling Green State University) Iberville
4422 Gender and Media Studies XVI: Potrayals of Victims and Empowered Femininity April Urban (Purdue University) Regent
4423 Undergraduate Sessions XI: Cultural Insights into Gender, Sexuality, and Satire Kathryn Nelson (Undergraduate Westminster Student ) Salon A
4432 Game Scholarship and Public Rhetoric in a Post-Gamergate World: Roundtable Josh Call (Grand View University), Matthew Wysocki (Flagler College) Studio 2
4433 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture XI – Where, Why and How Staci Shultz (St. Thomas Aquinas College) Studio 3
4436 Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research IX: Women in WWII, Radar, Woolfe, and the Silk Road Allen Ellis (Northern Kentucky University) Studio 6
4438 Pulp Studies VI – Pulp’s Alternative Epistomologies Anneke Schwob (UNC-Chapel Hill) Studio 8
4439 True Detective Ernesto Acosta Sandoval (UNAM) Studio 9
4440 TV and the Workplace David Pierson (University of Southern Maine) Studio 10
4502 Baseball Max Utsler (University of Kansas) Bacchus
4503 Film XXVI–The Audience: Inside Llewyn Davis, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Melancholia, & Martial Arts Chad Sims (Temple University) Balcony J
4505 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XIX: Politics and Activism Jennifer Reed (California State University Long Beach) Balcony K
4508 Potpourri I: Television and Film Diane Ward (Millsaps College) Balcony M
4514 Film & History XIV: Transnational Issues Daryl Sanchez (University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus) Galerie 2
4516 Music 24 Linda M Moroziuk (York University) Galerie 4
4517 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film VII: Written in Blood: The Vampire in Literature Maxime Foerster (SMU, Dallas) Galerie 5
4518 Shimmering Spectacles, Subversive Bodies Cynthia Williams (Hobart and William Smith Colleges) Galerie 6
4522 Gender and Media Studies XVII: DJs, Dreamers and Social Justice Warriors-Intersections of Gender, Media, and Cultural and National Identities Kyle Moody (Fitchburg State University) Regent
4523 Undergraduate Sessions XII: Explorations into Fantasy, Fashion, and Fandom Cannon Atkinson (Westminster College Sociology Dept) Salon A
4525 Westerns and the West V: Ideologies and Iconographies of the West and Westerns Kyle Bucy (University of California at Santa Barbara) Salon C
4527 Comics and Comic Art XX–Queer & Postfeminist Representations Rachel R. Martin (Northern Virginia Community College) Salon E
4533 Rhetoric, Composition and Popular Culture XIII – Composting and Composing Education for the 21st Century: What Would Whitman Do? Chris Burnham (New Mexico State University) Studio 3
4538 Pulp Studies VII – Repurposing the Pulps William Wright (University of Missouri – Kansas City) Studio 8
4539 Gaze and Performance on Television Sarah Aleshire (Minot State University) Studio 10
4540 TV and Disabilities Samuel Yates (George Washington University) Studio 9
4605 Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies XX: “That Certain Summer” Screening and Discussion Bruce Drushel (Miami University) Balcony K
4608 Potpourri II: Phenomenom, Genre, and Gender Tom Powers (Montgomery County Community College and Indiana University of Pennsylvania) Balcony M
4616 Music 25: Identity and Fandom Carey Fleiner (University of Delaware) Galerie 4
4617 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film VIII: Enfant Terrible: Vampire Children, YA Fiction Heide Crawford (University of Georgia) Galerie 5
4618 The New Orleans Second Line in Popular Culture – Plus Second Line Dance Lesson Jen Atkins (Florida State University) Galerie 6
4622 Gender and Media Studies XVIII: Gender Issues in Cartoons, Comics, Books and Zines Anne Hays (College of Staten Island) Regent
4623 Undergraduate Sessions XIII: Popular Culture through Multiple Mediums: Television, Movies, and Netflix Jenna Sandberg (Westminster College) Salon A
4625 Westerns and the West VI: People of Conscience on the Western Frontiers Helen M. Lewis (Western Iowa Tech Community College) Salon C
4627 Comics and Comic Art XXI–Comics Theory Robert Watkins (Iowa State University) Salon E
4639 Scandal Molly Brayman (University of Cincinnati) Studio 9
4703 Film XXVII–Figures in Film: Gangsters, Hackers, Designers, & Fallen Heroes Thomas Varacalli (Louisiana State University ) Balcony J
4717 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film IX: The Visual Arts Vampire Kathryn Matheny (University of Alabama) Galerie 5
4718 World Encyclopedia of Dance Working Group Libby Smigel (Dance Heritage Coalition) Galerie 6
4722 Gender and Media Studies XIX: Gender Issues in Mad Men, Supernatural, and Daytime TV Jennifer Willis-Rivera (University of Wisconsin – River Falls) Regent
4723 Undergraduate Sessions XIV: Gender, Feminism, Fandom, and Symbolism Emma Beilfus (Westminster College) Salon A
4738 Pulp Studies – Film Screening – White Zombie (1932) Justin Everett (University of the Sciences) Studio 8
4739 TV and Race Jacqueline Trimble (Alabama State University) Studio 9
4803 Film XXVIII–Post-Depression Individuality, 1950’s Anxieties, the Avant-Garde, & Battle in Heaven Sean Desilets (Westminster College, Salt Lake City) Balcony J
4808 SFF Movie Night: The Swamp Thing (1982) Gillian Leitch (Independent Scholar), Sherry Ginn (Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) Balcony M
4817 Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film X: Written in Blood II: The Vampire in Literature Stephanie Solywoda (Oxford University ) Galerie 5
4823 Undergraduate Sessions XV: Insights into Disability, Prejudice, and Exclusion Laura Dean-Shapiro (University of Massachusetts Boston- College of Management ) Salon A