Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling

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Soap Operas, a mainstay of popular culture in the US and internationally, are grounded in the serialized nature of their storytelling.  While many traditional and long-running network soap operas have declined in viewership or left the airwaves in recent years, serialized storytelling is alive and well in everything from reality television to HBO franchises to primetime and cable series.  Video game franchises, webisodes, and even advertising campaigns have harnessed the power and popularity of the serialized form to build and sustain audiences in our increasingly fractured media landscape.

The Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling Area invites proposals and papers addressing all aspects of this important and vibrant form of storytelling from a variety of approaches.  Possible areas of investigation include:  how serialized narrative is utilized by contemporary storytellers in current network, cable, payTV and web series; how serial narrative has been used historically in traditional soaps; how internationalized forms such as the telenovela have grown in popularity and viewership across national boundaries; how media companies are managing the intellectual property of their legacy soap brands through off-network partnerships with web “broadcasters;” how viewers continue to respond to the serialized form, and participate through online forums.  All perspectives are welcome, including interdisciplinary examinations of seriality as a narrative form.

We welcome submissions that address “traditional” soap operas as well as other serialized narratives that share this unique and important structure.

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